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Writing a dissertation is a difficult and exhausting task. It drives students to tears because the fear of them messing the dissertation up is immense. This is primarily because messing with their dissertation means that they will not graduate or have a good career.

If you are wondering how to ace your dissertation without shedding any tears unlike others, then keep on reading!

Tips To Write a Remarkable Dissertation

Here are a few tips that you need to know for writing a remarkable dissertation:

Understanding of the Task:

This may sound pretty obvious but even then some students start working on their dissertations without considering to get adequate information regarding the nature of a dissertation and its worth. So first of all they should learn about dissertation writing.

What is a Dissertation?

The dissertation is a formal but lengthy piece of academic writing with a standard procedure. Now you may question what type of procedure? Well, this type of research procedure includes:

  • A well-articulated and specific question, popularly known as – the research topic
  • Take a look at what other researchers had found regarding the topic.
  • If they have not answered it with enough information then collect your own data and analyze it in a scientifically effort-taking manner.
  • The response to your original question is grounded on the result of the analysis.

What you need to remember is that dissertation is not an assignment where you can give your opinion. It is not a kind of academic writing where you can push any agenda. For writing a remarkable dissertation you need to ask questions and take a structured, rigorous approach to respond to them.

Make a Schedule:

Set a goal for completing the dissertation and figure out your schedule accordingly. Make a schedule by writing it down or noting your goals on a calendar–such as when will you complete each chapter, how much time it will take. This will help stay you on track, and you can even amend the schedule if the situation calls for it.

Choose An Interesting Topic:

The first stage of writing any dissertation is to ask a particular, well-expressed question. This means that students have to come up with a research topic that probes a specific question or set of questions. This is known as a research question.

A tip you can implement to write a remarkable dissertation is to choose a topic that is interesting for you. The topic should not only be concerned with the interest of the university board but yours as well. Writing a dissertation is lengthy and boring, choosing a topic that you like will keep you motivated through the research and writing process. Moreover, once you choose a topic that you fancy producing a higher quality dissertation will become significantly easier for you.

Moreover, other factors that make your dissertation topic effective are:

  • Clear
  • Important
  • Unique

Interesting Dissertation Topic Examples: 

  • How does Rational emotive behavior therapy (REBT) treat phobias in children?
  • Relation between Body Dysmorphic disorder and depression
  • How childhood trauma affects an individual’s expression of romance.

Write A Dissertation Proposal:

You need to write a dissertation proposal before writing the dissertation. A research proposal is written to convince the university board to allow further research on the topic you have chosen. In other words:

“Your research is only as good as your proposal will be”

In this stage, there is no need to extensively review existing literature but you do need to show that you have done a proper amount of reading to identify the research gap.

The key to writing a good dissertation proposal is to not stress about stating every detail in the proposal. Write it in a calm fashion and mention all the appropriate material needed for it to be acknowledged.

Draft A Strong Introduction:

The introduction should be written in a way that the reader feels it is worth reading the complete dissertation just by going through the opening phrase. Although the tone should not be compromised when you are trying to hook the reader.

Dissertation Introduction Example:

Here is an introduction of dissertation example to help you comprehend how to write the introduction:

Topic: Depression in teenagers

‘The increasing emergence of depression-related amongst the teenagers has gained the attention of the majority now, so it is important to attain an in-depth understanding of regarding the relation of teenagers with depression…’

Give an In-Depth Literature Review:

When you get to the phase of writing a literature review of your dissertation, you have to dig a lot deeper into the present research and write a comprehensive chapter of the literature review. To do so, you need to look up relevant literature. It is possible to get the relevant information through verified sources. 

If you are searching for relevant material on the internet, making the use of correct keywords is important. These keywords have to be well-defined and should be particularly directed to the research topic you are looking for.

Take a look at one of these keywords search for literature review dissertation:

Topic: Bipolar disorder in adults

Key search includes: Bipolar Disorder, early-onset Bipolar episodes

Doing a Thorough Research:

For this step what you need to do is design a research strategy and then write the dissertation methodology chapter. A tip for you is to go beyond a simple description of how and why you selected a certain methodology. It shows how rigorously you have done the research. 

Furthermore, you should not write the methodology in complex terms, the aim is to make the reader understand your methods. Take notes by hand during the research and outline the methodology as you work to make sure that all the details are correctly recorded. 

Write a Conclusion Concise:

Writing a straight-to-the-point and concise conclusion increases its quality. Rephrase the dissertation’s research question, summarize all its main points and give a lesson to take home. Remember that just because you have to summarize the main points does not mean that you can leave the fragments of important details. So be careful.

Read It Loudly:

Even though it is an important step to proofread your dissertation, some students fail to do so. Missing out on this means that the silly mistakes in the dissertation will remain uncorrected. The tip here is to read your dissertation out loud to yourself, this will allow you to catch the mistakes much faster. If you do not have time then you can hand it over to services like dissertation writing service northern Ireland and many more to proofread it.

Take Breaks:

Taking breaks will save you from burning out. Taking small breaks refreshes the mind so when you return to continue writing a dissertation you will feel more energized. It also heightens your focus making you capable of writing a remarkable dissertation. 

Take Academic Help:

You can not write a perfect dissertation by yourself. This is because a dissertation is a task and having little to no experience in writing a dissertation will make it difficult to write a perfect one. That is why you should consider taking help from your professor, some writing service, or your peers.

End Remarks

All the tips given to you above are for your benefit and will help you write a dissertation without crying your eyes out. So go ahead and implement them.


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