Who We Are?
Walking through an exceptional path can be a little tricky. Are you on a quest for a companion to walk you through it? If yes, then Path of EX is your guiding light. Path of EX began with a team of a few make-shifters who decided to do something big. With an unsettling urge of swotting new things, we are here to offer you everything. Behold the puzzling thought because you are in for a ride! We are dedicated to giving you the most resilient news, technical hacks, fashion trends, lifestyle drifts, and all that’s up and coming.
Domains We Cover
“Knowledge is Power” and we have the ambition to become more powerful! We are a team of keen observers and nimble-witted people. You can be sure that the content we bring to you is created from devoted research work. So, get along on the thrilling ride to learn new things. Buckle up and hop on the expertise seat!

Social Media

We are the three-eyed raven who monitors the latest trends of social media. Want to know who is topping the follower list on Instagram? Path of Ex is your answer! With the help of a dedicated team, who look out for the changes at all times, you will get all the spicy, sizzling, and trendy happenings over the internet.


We love tech and we are kind of geeky about it! With our high power spectacles, we tend to look at the world from a different bend. We strive to bring out the easiest way out of every technical problem. The tech team spends efficient time to bring out the best answers of all your “How To’s”. So, join our PATH to get the craziest techy hacks!


What is the cure to Monday Blues? Simple, coming to the office and playing games. This is what our gaming experts do. They play games and find the best possible solution to everything; so that you don't have to! Here, you will find game guides, answer to puzzles, and everything that screams GAMES.

Meet our dedicated
Manik Sharma
Project Lead

Manik is the master-mind behind Path of EX. As the Project Manager, he takes care of everything that goes behind the making of Path of Ex. His vivid expertise in Digital Marketing helps the platform to perform better. Be it brand partnership or affiliate marketing, you will find him on the top of the game all day, every day. Manik believes in setting high goals and achieving them regardless.

Navneel Kour
Senior Associate Brand Partnerships

A baker with a business mind! Navneel is the smart pants of the team. She looks after the Brand Partnership of Path of EX. With her gilded knowledge of everything around the world, she provides stability to the whole team. She connects with brands all around the world and helps widening the platform.

Shivangi Gupta
Content Lead

Shivangi adds great value to the team with her prompt and well-researched insight. Her unprecedented love for literature is reflected well enough in her writings. She takes you on a tour to a world apart with the visual imagery in her content that urges the readers to ponder. To get the brain juices flowing, she makes sure to have a brewing cup of coffee next to her all day.

Smriti Razdan
Associate Content Writer

Smriti started her journey by attaining a degree in computer applications. She loves to indulge in reading undiscovered stories only to draw profound explanations about life and its existence. She welcomes you aboard on her expedition of finding herself. Smriti writes her content with a smile on her face hoping to transcend it to her readers.