Abiy accuses “some parties” of seeking to distort Sudan-Ethiopia relations

Abiy accuses “some parties” of seeking to distort Sudan-Ethiopia relations

December 25, 2020 (KHARTOUM) – The Ethiopian army massed troops along the border with Sudan, while Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said some parties seek to create tensions between Sudan and Ethiopia.

Sudanese and Ethiopian troops clashed along the border with the Amhara region during the past weeks, following the eruption of fighting in the northern region of Tigray.

The Sudanese army deployed its troops to end the de-facto occupation of some border areas by the Ethiopian farmers and militiamen when Khartoum realised that the Amhara militiamen used its territory to attack the TPLF rebels in Tigray region.

Military sources in Gadaref told the Sudan Tribune that the calm prevailed on the border area during the last 48 hours, adding they noted a military build-up on the Ethiopian side and the redeployment of troops that returned from Tigray.

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“Also, the Ethiopian aviation carried out military manoeuvres in the areas of Hadi, Oar Mago and Wedi Nour of the Amhara region near the border with the State of Gedaref,” they added.

On 22-23 December, the joint political committee between the two countries held a meeting in Khartoum to discuss the ongoing tensions but failed to reach an agreement.

In a statement written in Arabic addressed to the Sudanese people, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed accused some circles of seeking to “distort the friendly and especial good-neighbourly relations between Sudan and Ethiopia”.

“These parties are seeking relentlessly to spread distrust and discord between the governments of our two countries,” Ahmed said before adding these border tensions have demonstrated the depth of the relationship between the two countries.

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Ahmed statement was welcomed by many people in Sudan.

However, some commentators went to say he was directing a message to the Amhara who seek to ignite a war with Sudan and creating troubles in the Benishangul-Gumuz region while his army has been embattled in the Tigray conflict.

Also, WhatsApp groups circulated messages saying he was speaking about Egypt while some others claimed that agents of the Egyptian intelligence spread messages hostile to Ethiopia and supportive to the military component of the Sudanese transitional government.

The leader of the Justice and Equality MovementJibreil Ibrahim, a former rebel group in Darfur, was in Gardaref on Friday to support t troops deployed on the eastern Sudan border areas.

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