A Guide To Design Your Interior Yourself

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Hiring an interior designer to design your home can cost a lot more than you think and you should go for it if you can’t make compromises at all. However, if you can’t afford one, you can still try to incorporate what you have in mind yourself. If you are shifting to a new house or trying to renovate one with some particular design in mind, then keep reading. Here are some tips that may just help you build your house how you want to.

Taking Inspiration From Other Designs

Designing something from scratch takes years of experience and professional training. So, if you have nothing in mind you can try looking for inspiration on the internet or in magazines. If you have a certain theme in mind but can’t think of anything that may complement your theme like a modern sofa design may complement a modern theme, searching on the internet for houses based on that theme can really help you out. 

So, how should you start with it? Firstly, you have to be organized. Go to Pinterest and search for whatever you have in mind or just search for home interiors if you are starting from scratch. Once you get a certain theme that you want to go with, make a mood board and keep adding pictures that excite you. Most design professionals use this technique to finally create a customized and unique look.

You can look at some magazines as well and cut out different interior designs that you think may work. You can also visit online websites and look for furniture like good quality sofas etc. After you have gathered pictures and videos you are satisfied with, take a step back and look at them collectively. You will then see a much clearer picture of what you want. This step is the most important as everything going forward will be based on what picture you have formed for your house. 

Choosing a Color Scheme

Now that you have a base picture in mind, it’s time to pick colors. Choosing colors can be one of the most difficult things. Even a mismatched shade of a color can really kill your vibe. So, on what basis should you select colors in your design?

Firstly, you need to take a look at that mood board again and see what colors are more prominent than the others. If that color is what you think is suitable for you, then good. Now you don’t need to choose this color only. You can try out different color combinations as well. We are going to tell you exactly how you should do it.

Too many colors in a room or any space for that matter can portray an amateurish and bad look. If you look at any sofa buying guide, for example, they always ask you to be consistent in colors due to this reason only. What you should do instead is just choose 3 colors that are contrasting and complement each other. After that, you need to go to a color palette website and explore different color palettes that are available there. Some color palette websites even let you choose your base color and then recommend colors that will work with it. 

Choose Furniture and Other Accessories

Now, this step will be the easiest of the three. Depending on what room you are thinking of, you will have some basic furniture that needs to be there. Like for a living room a sofa, a coffee table, etc. is generally a go-to. The color of the furniture will be easy to choose as well as you already have your 3 shades of color that you have figured out. 

The color that you don’t want to be prominent can easily be adjusted in accessories that complement a space. The key is to mix up the space with one central piece, surrounded by little furniture like a chair or a flower vase to go with it.


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