8 Tips on How to Increase Positive Reviews for your Business

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Whether you are buying a new car, new software, looking for a hotel for a date, or trying to relocate to a new location, reviews from previous customers and residents play a big role in your decision-making. What were their likes and dislikes will determine if you will buy or look for another service provider.

With the increase of eCommerce and online businesses, customers depend on customer reviews to determine the quality of services offered by different companies. Positive reviews from the customers will help you to increase your sales and at the same time improve your website’s Google ranking.

Getting positive reviews is not easy, so here are some tips on how to get positive reviews for your business.

Tips for getting positive reviews

  • Online presence

We are living in a digital error where over half of the population has access to the internet, therefore you should ensure that your business is active on all the social media accounts and always ready to respond to client’s queries.

  • Quality services

A hungry customer is likely to write all the negative reviews on all the possible platforms and this may push away some of the customers who wanted your services. Therefore you should ensure that the services you offer are quality and client satisfaction is always your goal. This will make the customers write positive reviews hence an increase in sales.

  • Customer relation
8 Tips on How to Increase Positive Reviews for your Business
Source: Wipfli LLP

The relation between the customer and the client and how the customer is treated during the service delivery will determine the type of reviews that you will get. Therefore ensure that the customer is treated when and there is always good communication in case of any changes.

  • Simple reviews system

Most of the customers are always in a hurry to look for a new product or to log out from your website or social media account. Having a complex review system with lots of questions might make the customer refuse to write the review since it might take a long time.

  • Reward the customers
8 Tips on How to Increase Positive Reviews for your Business
Source: IntelligentHQ

Customers love to be enticed with discounts and coupons, to attract customers to write reviews on your products and services you can offer different rewards to make them spare some few minutes to write reviews of the services offered.

Only a few customers are willing to write positive reviews, most of the customers view it as a waste of time. Therefore for a new business to get enough positive reviews to attract more customers it might take a long time. Buying positive reviews can help to solve this problem. At a small cost, any business can be able to get authentic reviews that can be able to increase your sales and at the same time improve the Google ranking.

  • Follow-up mail.

It is always advisable to create a follow-up mail to your customers to know if he or she may require another product and also to ask the feedback on the product bought. You can also request for a review, according to research 25% of the customers who get follow-up emails write a review.

  • Respond to negative reviews.

Not all reviews are positive reviews, some of them are negative reviews due to customers some dissatisfaction. As a business owner, you should be ready to receive both positive and negative reviews and correct and improve where necessary. So for negative reviews, you should professionally respond to them and assure the customer that his claim has been had and you will ensure it will be fixed in the near future.


The internet has transformed the way of doing business, as people from different geographical locations can communicate and do several business transactions with a click of a button. With the rise of scamming and poor online services, the online community has had to depend on reviews to determine if the business is legit or not. The more reviews a business has the more trustworthy the business is. So no matter the type of industry you are reviews are very important and play a critical role in increasing your sales and also they can help in improving the Google index ranking


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