8 Reasons To Call A Lawyer After An Injury

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After you’ve been injured because of another’s fault, it’s normal to be at a loss as to what your next course of action will be. If you aren’t careful, your emotions may get the best of you. Therefore, it’s for this reason that you need to have a lawyer by your side.
While many might think that they can move on from their injury on their own, it’s always good to consult an attorney. Especially when you’re filing claims against the erring party, it’s not all you can’t always handle everything smoothly on your own. You may not be well-versed with the law, physically unable at the moment to process your claims on your own, or, worse, the erring party is difficult to deal with.
Whatever the scenario, there are many viable reasons to call a lawyer after an injury. Here are some of these:

  1. Have Someone By Your Side To Investigate The Accident Or Injury
    If your claims will be brought to court, it’s very important to have a lawyer by your side. That way, you can fairly fight for your claims in court. Rather than do the investigation by yourself and potentially mix things up, a lawyer can do everything accurately and professionally.
    Some circumstances leading to your injury are simple, while others are complex. Hence, a proper investigation is necessary to determine the proximate cause and the liabilities. Most importantly, you’ll also need to present evidence to prove that it’s the other party’s negligence that caused the undue injury to you.
    A lawyer, like Mark Sadaka, knows how to conduct the proper investigation so all these pieces of evidence are adequately compiled and met. You wouldn’t want to miss out on every single detail that could contribute to the success of your injury claims.

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  • Assist You When Dealing With Insurance Companies
    When it comes to your accident, one of the key players that you’ll be dealing with is the insurance company. Generally, this will be the insurance company of the erring party as they’ll be responsible to cover for your medical expenses and recovery.
    Unfortunately, this is often easier said than done. Particularly if you’re temporarily immobile, it may be difficult for you to regularly meet with the insurance agent to process your claims. When you’re unable to, this may lengthen the process.
    Plus, if you aren’t well versed with insurance law, you may be at a disadvantage. Remember that these insurance companies know their way around insurance law. If you aren’t careful or prudent with scrutinizing every single detail in the documents you signed, you might be accepting a settlement that’s less than what you deserve.
    To avoid this unfavorable situation from happening, a lawyer can ensure that you’re receiving the compensation amount that’s fair.

Have Someone Knowledgeable In The Law
If you aren’t knowledgeable about the law, don’t be too hard on yourself. This is normal for almost everyone else. Particularly if you’re just new in the state or location where your injury happened, that’s another extenuating circumstance that can justify your lack of knowledge of the local laws.
To help you out, you’ll need the expertise of a lawyer. They know injury law by heart so you can rest assured that they’ll be able to help you out. Of course, this is with the premise that you’re working with a reputable and qualified lawyer.
You might think that the laws surrounding your circumstances leading to the injury are simple. But it becomes complicated when your injuries are permanent, there’s permanent loss of earning capacity, or, the most common of them all, the erring party denies any responsibility.
It takes a deep and complete understanding of your rights and the law to ensure that you can fully recover from your injuries, without worrying about the financial side to it.

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  • Clear Things Out When Injuries Were Caused By Defective Products Or Medical Providers
    If dealing with individual persons is already complicated enough, think about how much more difficult it would be if your injuries were a result of medical malpractice or defective products.
    In these situations, you’re not just dealing with persons, but you’re also dealing against corporations. This can be challenging. In fact, how can you get your voice heard against these giants?
    If this is what happened to you, then you’ll certainly need to have a lawyer working with you. You can expect to be confronted with aggressive lawyers from the other party who’ll try to deny responsibility or fight for an amicable settlement. But it’s not always the case that this settlement will be favorable for you. In most cases, it’ll be more favorable to the corporations so that their name doesn’t get tarnished, and they can move on with their operations. This is only the general outlook. If you’re dealing with a company that accepts fault, then you’re perhaps one of the few lucky ones.
    Either way, a lawyer on your side is your best way to have that leverage against these big corporations. Your lawyer can be the one to face the lawyers from the other side to ensure that you get a fair voice. Don’t just back out simply because you’re intimidated, hence you might accept the settlement right away.
  • Protect Your Rights
    Having someone to protect your rights is one of the most pertinent advantages of having a lawyer. You need to have your voice heard and a fair day in court. It’s enough to be a victim of recklessness or negligence. It’s not fair for you to pay for the expenses of your recovery simply because you weren’t able to fight for your right to just compensation.
    Most importantly, you’ll have a lot to recover apart from just the medical expenses. Think of the days when you weren’t able to work because you were still recovering from your injury. If you’ve got a family depending on your salary, then they suffer, too. Worse, some injuries may lead to permanent disabilities and permanent loss of earning capacity.
    If this happens to you, a lawyer should be there to protect your rights. An expert lawyer will know how to compute the compensation you’re entitled to, based on the circumstances surrounding your accident and your life.

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  • Beef Up The Investigation
    In the first section of this article, it was discussed how a lawyer can help you conduct the investigation on your injury. Apart from this, they can also beef up any inadequacies or loopholes in your cases’ investigation.
    For instance, your lawyer might be able to identify gray areas that you previously weren’t aware of because they’ve got the right experience that you don’t. It’s not enough to rely on the reports done by the police as they may also be limited by their time and resources.
    When you have a lawyer, they’ll know what areas they’ll need to tackle or where to look for gray areas that can help strengthen the evidence to your injury claims.
  • Represent You In Court
    Another reason to call a lawyer after your accident is when you need someone to represent you in court. If you don’t have any experience with the law, then this is something you definitely can’t do on your own. Moreover, as you process your claims, there will also be important, legal, formal, and public documents that’ll need to be signed and attested by a lawyer.
    When you’ve got a personal injury lawyer retained until such time you win a favorable judgment or settlement on your claims, you don’t have to keep jumping from one lawyer to another. This lawyer is your voice, both orally and in writing, to process everything for you right from the beginning up to the end of your case.
  • Avoid Running Out On The Statute Of Limitations
    When it comes to claims and filing of cases, there’s such a thing in law known as the Statute Of Limitations. This refers to the timeframe set by the law that limits you to bring your case to court. Otherwise, when this time lapses, you’ll forever be barred from bringing to court your claims for your injuries. It’ll be considered that you’ve just sat on your rights to claim.
    Unfortunately, this can happen frequently, especially when you’re not knowledgeable about these deadlines. Moreover, if you wait until you’re fully recovered or when you’ve gone out of the hospital, you’re letting precious time fly by.
    If you have a lawyer, you can rest assured that you can focus on your physical recovery. This is because your lawyer will go through the entire process for you, ensuring that you don’t go beyond the statute of limitations.

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  • Conclusion
    Usually, injuries occur when you least expect them to. Hence, it’s understandable that you may not be that prepared for it. Depending on the severity of the injury, you may suffer substantially both in the present and the future. Nevertheless, while you don’t have control over these injuries from happening, you’ve got a significant level of control over the after-effects. This starts with hiring a lawyer. The reasons above should convince you enough of the merit of hiring one for your injury claims.


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