70+ Top Hit Songs by Jeremy Zucker

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70+ Top Hit Songs by Jeremy Zucker
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Can you come through, through? Through, yeah.
Weren’t you hooked to this song? I’m quite sure you were. Back in 2018 when ‘comethru’ was released it had millions of streams on SoundCloud and Spotify. Jeremy Zucker got us grooving well. This article will cover all of his songs. So if you came looking for the top hit songs by Jeremy Zucker, you came to the right place.

The singer and songwriter artist, Jeremy Zucker got over 2 billion streams on Spotify, and that too only for two songs of him. IMAGINE!! 2 billion streams for just two songs!! I don’t know about anyone, but I surely like everything that he sings. His tunes connect directly with the teens of this generation. Who wouldn’t relate to songs like ‘all kids are depressed’? Even if you aren’t depressed, you would want to be just to get the feel of this song. His work is simple yet touching. 

10 Best Songs by Jeremy Zucker

  1. Comethru
  2. All the kids are depressed
  3. You were good to me
  4. Always, I’ll care
  5. Talk is overrated
  6. Not ur friend
  7. Scared 
  8. Emily
  9. Wildfire
  10. Thinking 2 much

These were only 10 you are yet to see the whole bunch of songs. Get ready for the most touching songs of the time.  

List of 70+ Hit Songs by Jeremy Zucker- All-Time Favorite

Below is the list of all songs of Jeremy Zucker sorted by albums and EPs.

1. Album- Love is not dying (2020)

  • ​Still 
  • ​We’re fucked, it’s fine 
  • ​Somebody loves you 
  • ​Orchid 
  • ​Lakehouse 
  • ​Good for her 
  • ​Not ur friend 
  • ​Full stop 
  • ​Julia 
  • ​Oh, mexico 
  • ​Brooks 
  • ​Always, I’ll care 
  • ​Hell or flying 

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2. Album- Brent: Live  from the internet (2021)

  • ​This is how you fall in love (live from the internet) 
  • ​Parent song (live from the internet) 
  • ​Please (live from the internet) 
  • ​The stars (live from the internet) by Chelsea Cutler 
  • ​Better off (live from the internet) 
  • ​Brooklyn boy (live from the internet) by Jeremy Zucker 
  • ​Emily (live from the internet) 
  • ​Our lovely band <3 (live from the internet) 
  • ​You were good to me (live from the internet) 
  • ​Thank you (live from the internet) 

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3. EP- Beach Island (2015)

  • Melody 
  • Beach Island (Ft. Benjamin O & Daniel James) 
  • Pick It Up (Ft. Daniel James) 
  • Impressions (Ft. Benjamin O) 
  • Stilettos (Ft. Cisco The Nomad) 
  • Flying Kites 

4. EP- Breathe (2015)

  • Bout It (Ft. Benjamin O & Daniel James) 
  • Good-Bye 
  • Icarus 
  • October Snow 
  • You Should Get To Know Me (Ft. Quinn XCII) 
  • Breathe 

5. EP- Motions (2016)

  • Keep My Head Afloat 
  • ​IDK love 
  • Heavy 
  • Sinking 
  • Stay Quiet 
  • Man Down 
  • Shut Your Mouth 
  • Upside Down (Ft. Danny Rakow) 

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6. EP- Idle (2017)

  • ​Ghosts 
  • ​Talk is overrated (Ft. ​blackbear) 
  • 99.9 
  • ​End 

7. EP-Stripped (2018)

  • ​Keep my head afloat (stripped.) 
  • ​End (stripped.) 
  • ​Every day (stripped.) 
  • ​Talk is overrated (stripped.) 
  • ​Circles (stripped.) 

8. EP- Glisten (2018)

  • ​All the kids are depressed 
  • ​Better off by Jeremy Zucker & Chelsea Cutler 
  • ​Glisten (interlude) 
  • ​Wildfire 

9. EP- Summer (2018)

  • ​Comethru 
  • ​Thinking 2 much 
  • ​Selfish 
  • ​Desire 
  • ​Firefly 

10. EP- Brent (2019)

  • ​You were good to me 
  • ​Hello old friend 
  • ​Please 
  • ​Scared by Jeremy Zucker 
  • ​sometimes by Chelsea Cutler 

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11. Singles by Jeremy Zucker (As Lead Artist)

  • Melody
  • Flying Kites.
  • Bout It (featuring Daniel James & Benjamin O)
  • Dramamine
  • Peace Signs
  • Weakness
  • Paradise
  • When You Wake Up…
  • Upside Down
  • IDK Love
  • Talk Is Overrated
  • All the Kids Are Depressed
  • Comethru (solo or featuring Bea Miller)
  • You Were Good to Me (with Chelsea Cutler)
  • Better Off (with Chelsea Cutler)
  • Not Ur Friend
  • Julia
  • Supercuts
  • This Is How You Fall in Love

Wrapping Up

This was all about the best hits of Jeremy Zucker. I definitely got swooned by some of his songs, I’m sure once you listen to these songs you’ll also get addicted to him. Just like me. His ‘Comethru’ is my most favorite. Comment down below your FAQs about Jeremy Zucker, we will surely reply to you. Till then Have a nice day! Stay Safe! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Jeremy Zucker dating someone?

No, currently there is no news of Jeremy Zucker dating anyone. However, Jeremy and Chelsea Cutler have sung many songs together that raise the question of an affair between the two. But it can be based on rumors as there has been no official statement from both of them.

What kind of songs does Jeremy Zucker make?

The range of music of Jeremy Zucker is quite flexible. He has sung ranges from indie electronica to hip-hop, which is very rare. 

What are some latest songs of Jeremy Zucker?

This is how you fall in love
Parent song
Nothing’s the same
Brooklyn Boy
Our Lovely Band <3

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