Tech Movies Alert! 7 Silicon Valley Based Movies on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video

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Tech Movies Alert! 7 Silicon Valley Based Movies on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video
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Interested in tech movies? Who isn’t these days? It is so fascinating to see how Silicon Valley has evolved and has become something that rules the whole world. We never know how this field of beautiful minds changes our way of living. But we can always have a little sneak peek into their lives and look for some super cool interesting stuff. To get you on the same track read this article on Silicon Valley Based movies on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.  

Silicon Valley, more often than not we hear this word around our lives. Sometimes we completely forget how everything, or mostly everything, in this world right now is influenced by it. Trust me you’ll get absolutely amazed to see how Silicon Valley affects you directly. It is even more exciting to know the insides of this huge tech market or business.  

7 Best Silicon Valley Based Movies on Netflix and Amazon Prime

  1. The Social Network(2010
  2. Pirates of Sillicon Valley(1999)
  3. The Great Hack(2019)
  4. The Internship(2013)
  5. Antitrust(2001)
  6. The Social Dilemma(2020)
  7. Jobs(2013)

How can you watch a movie without reading a little more about it? I’m sure you don’t want to spend your time looking at something you don’t know a thing about. So make sure you give these descriptions a good read for your own good. You’ll also know on which OTT platform they are on. So Stay Tuned!

7 Silicon Valley Movies on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video

Here is the complete description of all the movies listed above with their respective IMDb ratings. The respective OTT platform (Netflix or Amazon Prime) on which these movies are streaming is also written down below.

1. The Social Network(2010)

The Social Network: Silicon Valley based movies on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video
Source: -Virginia Club of NewYork

The Social Network looks into the creation of Facebook by Mark Zuckerberg played by Jesse Eisenberg. It’s about the time when there was internet around us but there wasn’t any social media. 

During his college days at Harvard, Zuckerberg gets the idea of creating Facebook, shares this idea with his friend Eduardo Saverin who provides him $1000 for building the website. With time when Facebook begins to get popular in universities, Zuckerberg started taking all the decisions regarding the company alone. This resulted in Saverin getting enraged. When Saverin blocks the bank account funding for Facebook, Zuckerberg manages to find an angel investor, who dilutes the share of Saverin on Facebook from 34% to 0.03%. Hence the lawsuits!

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Zuckerberg has denied the truthfulness of the movie, but who cares? The movie is one of the best silicon valley based movies and is highly recommended. It is because it keeps you curious throughout the movie, doesn’t matter if you are a tech geek or not.

IMDb- 7.7
Watch on Netflix

2. Pirates of Sillicon Valley(1999)

Pirates of Silicon Valley: Silicon Valley based movies on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video
Source: Google Sites

Pirates of Silicon Valley is one of the most accurate descriptive movies showcasing the lives of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, and their famous rivalry. The film shows a dark side to the personal computer revolution, hence the word ‘Pirates’. It depicts the biographies of both the innovators in a comic way, visualizes their struggles during their college days and the start of their respective companies. It is a very good attempt to compare the operations of Apple and Microsoft and the differences between their founders. 

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Steve Jobs is shown arrogant, lacking manner skills, and quite more than often abusing the people who work for him. On the other hand, Bill Gates is a good CEO with very good communication skills and. This movie is a must-watch for anyone who is even remotely interested in watching Silicon valley based movies. 

Watch on Amazon Prime Video

3. The Great Hack(2019)

The Great Hack: Silicon Valley based movies on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video
Source: Twitter

The Great Hack is a documentary movie based upon Facebook–Cambridge Analytica data scandal. It has done a great job in disclosing the controversy of privacy leakage to the people. The Great Hack shows how a company, named Cambridge Analytica stole and used the data of more than 87 million Facebook users from the US.

By the end of the movie, you’ll be stunned how your data can be leaked just like that and used for politically driven ideas. It is a must-watch if you are a fan of Silicon valley based movies.  

Watch on Netflix

4. The Internship(2013)

The Internship: Silicon Valley based movies on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video
Source: Wallpaper Abyss- Alpha Coders

The Internship gives you comedy and a glimpse of Silicon Valley, together. The film stars Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn as old school salesmen who lost their jobs when the company they worked at closes.

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They apply for an internship at Google and get selected. But to secure their jobs at Google they have to stand up against the most elite and tech-savvy young minds. The Internship is a wonderful watch for your Silicon Valley based movies, as it has a combination of both technical and comedy themes.

IMDb- 6.3
Watch on Amazon Prime Video

5. Antitrust(2001)

Antitrust: Silicon Valley based movies on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video
Source: The Verge

Antitrust is a nightmare turned into a reality for anyone who aspires to be a good employee at a company. I know it doesn’t clear much to you right now but hold on. A young guy programmer gets his dream job at a big firm. But after working for some time he comes to know that his boss has nasty secrets, secrets that involve government and are illegal.

He also discovers that his girlfriend is a spy working for the firm and she is manipulating him at every step. It is a mind-blowing movie and a must-watch on your Silicon Valley based movies list.

Watch on Amazon Prime Video and Netflix

6. The Social Dilemma(2020)

The Social Dilemma: Silicon Valley based movies on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video
Source: Telegraph India

The Social Dilemma is a movie for anyone and everyone who has social media. It is an eye-opening docudrama describing how social media is meant to be an addiction for the people of the world.  The movie gives deep knowledge on the works of manipulation of the public and governments, and how misinformation has a role in conspiracies. The Social Dilemma will get you glued to your screens, we are sure of it.

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The documentary has the capacity to scare you. In my personal experience, I didn’t even use social for a few days. But then, I was back on track within a few days. Like its just impossible to stay away from social media.

However, this documentary is a must-watch if you want to know what’s happening inside the headquarters of companies that actually decide what we see. The way AI has taken over our life is amazingly depicted in the documentary.

When I first saw the documentary, it took me back to the time when I first read George Orwell’s “1984”. I felt the lines – “Big Brother is watching you“. This documentary gets a thumbs up from me and I cannot recommend it enough!

IMDb- 7.6
Watch on Netflix

7. Jobs(2013)

Jobs(2013):Silicon Valley based movies on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video

Jobs is a drama movie based on the life of the Apple Creator, Steve Jobs. The movie shows the story of Steve Jobs from 1974 to 2001 when he introduced iPod. Jobs, the movie, has clearly shown how Steve was unlikeable sometimes. It doesn’t sugarcoat the image of Steve.

Many controversies have been depicted in the movie including the popular Mac vs PC or Apple vs Microsoft. Although the movie does not grab the attention of the viewer throughout, it surely is interesting for people keen on Steve Jobs’s life and experiences. It is a must-watch on the list of Silicon Valley based movies.

IMDb- 6
Watch on Netflix

Wrapping Up
The movies listed above as based on Silicon Valley are the most amazing ones in their tech genres. How can they not be? They revolve around the lives of the richest money-minded people of the era. Make sure you comment down below the movie you liked the best.  Stay Home! Stay Safe! And Chill!

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