7 Quick Ways to Calm Your Nerves

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We spend most of our lives at work, studying and it is a huge stress to the body. Most pupils and students waste their health by not getting enough sleep and not eating well because it is necessary to do a lot of homework and study a lot of notes. That’s why they need homework help. And adults sit in stuffy offices from morning till night.

Share proven ways to help relieve emotional stress in a matter of minutes.

Stressful situations happen to people almost every day. Lack of time, difficulties at work, illnesses of loved ones – all this can throw you off balance. At such moments, the heart beats faster, adrenaline is released, muscles tense, breathing is disrupted. But the capacity of the nervous system is not limitless – its defenses are gradually depleted.

Prolonged stress can weaken the immune system, provoke nervous breakdowns, and upset the psyche. According to doctors, many diseases arise precisely on nervous soil. For example, diabetes and bronchial asthma. Some experts even find a link between stress and cancer.

Fence yourself off from nervous situations is almost impossible. But learn to manage your emotions and relieve stress is quite real. Meditation, yoga and proper nutrition are good for this. But what about those cases where you need to pull yourself together quickly? The main task in this state – to reduce adrenaline levels in the blood. We tell you about the most effective methods to help calm the nervous system and return to a familiar state in a short time.

Method 1: Restore Breathing

A five-minute deepening of the breath will help to reduce the level of adrenaline and relieve tension. The most famous method is to count slowly to ten or twenty, controlling your breaths and exhalations. Straighten your back and straighten your shoulders. Breathe slowly, without jerks, concentrating on each breath. Try to stretch an exhalation and make it longer, than an inhalation. After each breathing cycle follows a short pause for 3-5 seconds. This exercise increases attention, calms the nervous system and reduces stress. If you feel discomfort or dizziness, return to the usual rhythm of breathing.

Method 2: Create a Virtual Image

Adrenaline release will stop if you distract yourself from the stressful situation and start thinking about something else. This method is useful when you are provoked into an outburst of aggression. Start remembering the multiplication table, your favorite poem, phones, and friends’ birthdays. Better yet, engage your imagination and visualize your thoughts, presenting them as pictures, colored and as detailed as possible. Try to mentally draw a cozy cafe or the seashore. Try to feel the water gently touching your body and carrying away negative emotions. If possible, take a comfortable position, relax and close your eyes. Four to five minutes will be enough to calm down.

Method 3: Swim or Take a Shower

A warm, hard shower will not only relax the muscles and improve circulation, but also calm the nerves. And a half hour in the pool will relieve the stress after a day at work. Another way to relieve emotional stress is to play your favorite music and take a hot bath. The effect will be enhanced if a few drops of soothing essential oils of chamomile, lavender, mandarin, or melissa are added to the water. If you do not have time for a long bath, wet your hands and run wet palms over your face, neck and shoulders. Cold water tones the skin and soothes the nerve receptors. Alternatively, a rose water spray can help refresh the skin.

Method 4: Put on Some Music and Dance

Any kind of physical activity can restore your equilibrium. For example, a half-hour jog in the fresh air or an intense workout in the gym. Instead of exercise, you can dance, go for a walk, play badminton or do the cleaning. During such exercise, the brain produces neurotransmitters that are responsible for a good mood and reduce anxiety. This is the body’s response to muscle stress. Scientists claim that regular exercise serves as an excellent prevention of depression. And improved appearance and physical performance will be a pleasant bonus.

Method 5: Make Tea with Honey

A glass of pure water will help you quickly restore a normal heart rate and relax. Drink slowly – in short sips, taking small pauses between them. In addition to water, hot tea with dessert helps to cope with anxiety and irritation. Swallowing soothes the nerves, and sweets stimulate the production of “hormones of happiness. In this case, it is better to replace cookies and candy with healthy treats. For example, honey, dried fruits or dark chocolate. The latter is good at eliminating cortisol and catecholamines, which cause stress. In the drink you can put ginger root, oregano sprig, a few leaves of mint or jasmine flowers – these additives are known for their calming effect.

Method 6: Give Yourself a Gentle Self-Massage

A good masseur will quickly relieve nervous tension and eliminate muscle clamps. If you do not have time for a session with a professional massage the relaxing massage can be done by yourself. A large number of nerve endings are concentrated on the head. Wash your hands thoroughly, sit on a chair and with smooth circular motions begin to massage the temples. Gradually move to the scalp. The fingertips should freely glide on the surface (in the direction of hair growth) and not stretch the skin. A properly performed ten-minute massage improves blood circulation, relieves stress and normalizes sleep. It also stimulates hair growth and strengthens hair follicles.

Method 7: Keep a Personal Journal

Use paper and a pen to help get rid of a lot of stress. Alone with yourself, take a blank sheet of paper and write about the unpleasant event. When everything is ready, it is recommended to burn or tear up the written paper. You can keep a permanent personal diary – in a beautiful notebook or laptop. So you can rethink the situation and more quickly get rid of destructive emotions. In this case, the more written on paper, the less anxious thoughts will remain in your head. Such a method is especially useful for those who are used to restraining their emotions and words.


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