7 Awesome Movies for Physics Students: Must Watch

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7 Awesome Movies for Physics Students: Must Watch
Smriti Razdan
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If you are not watching these movies, you are doing a great job in rusting your brains! Physics is the most interesting subject if one gets its hook, and if you don’t, it’s completely fine. We have brought you an easy and entertaining solution that will make you think and wonder about the whole world. Here is an article on 7 Best Movies for Physics students.

Have you never wondered about the life around you! Some deep shit, Right? Well, a lot of us surely wonder about it. There is so much to unravel, so much that has already been discovered, about the mystery that this world is. Physics movies are just a means to curb curiosity a little. After all, they are a little mind-boggling. Aren’t they?

7 Best Physics Movies to Watch Right Now  

  1. The Theory of Everything (2014)
  2. Interstellar (2014)
  3. A Beautiful Mind (2001)
  4. Gifted (2017)
  5. Infinity (1996)
  6. The Martian (2015)
  7. Einstein and Eddington (2008) 

Before we begin with the description, let me tell you that these are the best movies for physics students. Want to know why? Just read the article and you’ll have all the answers. 

7 Must Watch Movies for Physics Students 

The list has been made after taking into consideration the critical reviews, IMDb ratings, and more. So make sure you go through all of these for choosing the best one for your weekend watch.

1. The Theory of Everything (2014)

The Theory of Everything: Movies for Physics students
Source: Variety

The Theory of Everything is a movie based on the life of the great scientist, Stephen Hawking, and his wife, Jane Wilde. It is not only a great movie for any physics lover, but it is also inspirational and quite motivational too. The movie showcases how the couple falls in love, gets married even after the breakthrough of Stephen’s disease. They get married and have three kids together.

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It is amazing that even after his ability to move is compromised, his marriage becomes a failure, after all of this he still clings to little hope his work has to offer him. 

IMDb- 7.7

2. Interstellar (2014)

Interstellar: Movies for Physics students
Source: Identity Magazine

The Epic Story of a Father and Daughter!

I don’t know about you, but this is how I take Interstellar to my heart. Matthew McConaughey has done an outstanding job and we can say that Interstellar is one of the best, if not the best, works of Christopher Nolan. 

Interstellar is a space movie that will make your brain and heart, both pounding. The story is of a former NASA pilot turned farmer who is a widower, and has two kids. Eventually, he leads his space travel team through a wormhole in the hope of finding a place for survival. 

The movie will always be one of the best movies for physics students. To give you a hint it kinds of shows an idea of Matrix, wormholes, and much more.

IMDb- 8.6

3. A Beautiful Mind (2001)

A Beautiful Mind: Movies for physics students
Source: Film and Furniture

A Beautiful Mind is based on a real-life American mathematician, John Nash, a brilliant man in his field of work. John Nash is an asocial person and gets called at Pentagon to decipher the message of the enemy, which is encrypted. He deciphers the message mentally. How Smart! Later he gets married and his conditions are disclosed. 

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Whatever the end may be, A Beautiful Mind has to come in the list of movies for physics students, and you might be wondering why. But after you watch the movie you won’t stop thinking about it, that we can assure you.

IMDb- 8.2

4. Gifted (2017)

Gifted: Movies for Physics students
Source: Pinterest

Gifted is a movie starring our Captain America, Chris Evans, in a character we have never seen before. The movie is hugely appreciated for the authentic acting of all the characters. It is a child prodigy movie and it is unlike anything we normally see in those movies. 

Gifted is about a seven-year-old girl, Mary who lives with her uncle, Frank. You see he is a great guardian and is trying his best to raise the daughter of his dead sister. Soon they find out she is a child prodigy. Usually, these kids don’t have a normal life but that’s the point of the movie, Frank wants her to have a normal life while making sure her intelligence is not compromised. 

That’s why it’s in must-watch movies for physics students. 

IMDb- 7.6

5. Infinity (1996)

7 Awesome Movies for Physics Students: Must Watch
Source: LetsOTT.com

Infinity is a biographical movie on the life of physicist Richard Feynman.
The Nobel Prize-winning Richard is shown in his early stages of life when he meets his high school sweetheart Arline. She gets lymphatic tuberculosis and the sad part of the movie begins with her disease.

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Later, the story shows the journey of the physicist and how he manages the situation when his love is on the death bed. In the movies for physics students, Infinity is the old one and you have to watch it.

IMDb- 6.2

6. The Martian (2015)

7 Awesome Movies for Physics Students: Must Watch
Source: The New Yorker

The Martian is a fictional movie everyone would want to be true. I mean who wouldn’t want such an inspiring story.

An astronaut going to Mars, getting stuck there, and after a shit load of struggle, get’s back to inspire millions. If I might have made it sound easy, let me tell you, it was so not. You have to watch this one of the greatest movies for physics students, and if you don’t you will miss out on a lot of science and physics.

Now, who would want that? Duh!

IMDb- 8.0

7. Einstein and Eddington (2008)

Einstein and Eddington: Movies for Physics students
Source: BBC

Behind the scenes of the making of Theory of General Relativity!
That is what the Einstein and Eddington are about. The movie on the development of the Theory of General Relativity, how Einstein made it, and how Eddington proved this theory of Einstein. It is a must-watch for all physics lovers that’s why it is included in the list of Movies for Physics students. After watching it you’ll understand why e=mc2.  

IMDb- 7.3 

Wrapping Up

All of these movies are well deserving to be in the best movies for physics students list, but there is much more than that. Besides being about physics these movies have a deeper meaning. Once you watch them you’ll find yourselves thinking about these movies a lot more than you think about other movies. So make sure you give yourself a great watch from this list. Comment below on your favorite movie. Have A Nice Day! 


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