6 Things You Should Know About Dating a Russian Girl

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If you have been in the Russian online dating game and finally found your person, congratulations – you’re one of the lucky ones. However, getting Russian mail order brides to like you is only one step in the journey of dating them. And if you are a Western man, you will need all the help you can get to keep a Russian woman happy.

So what is it like to date a Russian girl? Unlike Hollywood’s portrayal of Russian ladies as tough, vodka-drinking wives to mafia bosses, real Russian women are charming. Yes, they are strong-willed but they are not violent. So if you are looking for a guide to dating Russian girls, we have compiled a list of things to remember while seeing a Russian lady:

The pros

6 Things You Should Know About Dating a Russian Girl

  1. She will be homely but strong-willed

Russian ladies are very passionate about who they love. They are thoughtful, considerate and go all out in caring for their partners and showing how much they love them. These ladies have strong family values, and even if they aren’t dating to marry, they will exhibit homely traits because that is what they are used to. So, you can expect to return from work to meet a well-made house.

However, Russian girls don’t like to be taken advantage of. They will love you and be homely only because they want to, and not because you coerced them into doing so. If you seek a woman you can force to do your bidding, then you should look elsewhere.

  1. Before dating, she will want you to be friends first

When you find a wife online in the Russian dating pool, you should start as friends before developing the relationship. Many Russian ladies don’t rush into romantic relationships without taking time to get to know their partners. They see relationships as a team sport and can’t build an emotional partnership without first becoming friends.

If you date a Russian woman, you will get one of the purest forms of friendship. She will laugh with you, cry with you, share your burdens, listen to you, and support you. And in the long run, you will be thankful for the friendship as it will serve as a foundation for a long-term relationship.

  1. You should have fun together

We can’t say that Russian girls are party lovers, but they are enthusiastic. Dating a Russian lady is like an adventure as she will help you come out of your comfort zone. In addition, she is always down for fun activities.

Russian ladies will take note of things that make you happy and try to do them. They are also pretty sarcastic and can pick up innuendoes, making for an exciting relationship quite unlike the way it is portrayed in movies. So if you intend to start a relationship with a Russian girl, get ready for a wild ride.

  1. She will be as loyal as you are

When you order a bride, especially on foreign platforms, you may be skeptical about their trustworthiness. But with Russian girls, you need not worry about cheking her texts to see if she’s loyal to you. Many Russians believe in karma and agree that the universe gives you what you deserve, so your girlfriend will likely keep to her own end of the deal with you.

If you intend to date a Russian girl, rest assured that she will probably not do things that hurt you intentionally. Russian ladies also love exclusivity, so double dating is out of the question. But be careful because they will hold you to the same standards they hold themselves to, meaning they will expect you to be as loyal to them as they are to you.

The cons

As much as there are obvious advantages of dating a Russian girl, there are some drawbacks too. These ladies are still humans after all and they are prone to the same influences as everybody else. If you can understand and live with the following inconveniences, then feel free to go on with the relationship:

  1. You may have to deal with the language barrier

If you are a Westerner, communicating with your Russian lover will not be seamless because of the language barrier. The good news is that this issue isn’t universal. Russian girls who live in cities like Moscow speak English fluently. But when you find brides on Russian dating sites, they will often come from small Russian towns and won’t speak English while making communication difficult. 

  1. Adapting to peculiarities of the Russian culture may take a while

We live in the 21st century, but some old Russian traditions still linger. For example, extended family members typically live together or gather at least monthly. While some Russian beliefs may come off as quirky to you, remember that customs make them unique. It may take a while for you to reconcile your cultural differences but seeing it as an opportunity to broaden your horizons will help you cope.


Dating a Russian girl can be an exciting phase of your life as you will learn new things. For the duration of your relationship, you will be exposed to a different lifestyle. However, dating these ladies has its drawbacks too. So if you have a Russian lady in your life and are looking to take things to the next level, you can know what to expect from her based on this guide.


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