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Cooking is full of fun when you know the secret to the perfect recipe. But, sadly this not an easy task!! Especially when it is about Australian Food, the difficulty level gets a hike! So, if you too feel the same and want to master the art of cooking perfect Australian Food, then it is simple, just read this post! This post is all about the Best Australian Food Youtube Channels. But, don’t read this if you are hungry!!!!

Australians are full of fun and celebrate every bit of their life by going to parties, traveling, and enjoying good food. Ahhh!! And that Australian food looks so tempting that it is loved by all along the horizons. Seeing the popularity among people, many created videos on YouTube as a guide to the Australian food recipes. But, not all of them are the best. Only a few can be your real guides.

According to the latest stats and subscriber’s reviews, the Best Australian food YouTube channels to follow in 2021 are:

  • How to Cook That
  • CharlisCraftyKitchen
  • Hangry by Nature
  • MyCupCakeAddiction
  • Cook with Aussie
  • RecipeTin Eats

But what is so special about these channels? Why only these marked their name in the list of the Best Australian Food YouTube Channels? How many Subscribers they have? What about the views? Find out the answer to all these in the post below.

Best Australian food YouTube Channels to follow

Traditional Australian food is a combination of a lot of cosines. It has a lot of food options to suit all tastes. On one side it has easy peezy Barbecued snags while on the other, it can be as hard as a Barramundi.

But, the real task lies in making a PERFECT AUSTRALIAN DISH that tastes phenomenal!!! Don’t panic, you can master it all with the help of the Best Australian Food Youtube Channels right from your kitchen. Below is the detailed description of these channels along with the reason for their recommendation:

1. How to Cook That

Why How to Cook That is one of the Best Australian Food YouTube Channels in 2021?

But, Do you love baking?

Are you a fan of sweet and delicious deserts?

But, don’t know how to make them?

Then know How to cook that with how to cook that! It is the most popular Australian Food YouTube Channel known by far where you will find a new video every Friday. It is owned by Ann Reardon, who is a renowned chef having mastery in baking.

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Well, this channel doesn’t only revolves around baking, instead, there is a lot of step-by-step tutorial videos for making mouthwatering desserts, chocolates, and other sweets. Her unique way of sharing amazing tips and tricks keeps up the fun and lets you learn any dish easily.

The most popular video of the channel is IPAD CAKE Best Apps HOW TO COOK THAT Ann Reardon, which has got 38M views since August 2014.

OH MY GOD, this is huge!!! But it is worth it.

  • Joined on: 16 Apr 2011
  • Subscribers: 4.68 Million subscribers
  • Videos: 458 videos
  • Views: 790 Million views
  • Location: Australia

2. CharlisCraftyKitchen

Why is one of the Best Australian Food YouTube Channels in 2021?

Get crafty with food now!!!

This channel belongs to kids!

What does this mean?

CharlisCraftyKitchen is a famous fun-filled YouTube channel created for children. Here, two cute sisters are your chef guide with their super cute chef hats, who knows how to make tempting and healthy food that kids will love to have. After all, they are kids too! These young chefs make cooking easy and bring on their creative side to make children follow their recipes to have tasty food all the time.

Its most popular video has gained as much as 176 Million views in 7 years. The video is COCKTAIL GLASS TAKE HOME CUPCAKE TREAT with M&M’s- candy bar, lolly buffet, birthday party.

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  • Joined on: 26 Sept 2012
  • Subscribers: 1.25 Million subscribers
  • Videos: 192 videos
  • Views: 1.2 Billion views
  • Location: Australia

3. Hangry by Natur

Why is one of the Best Australian Food YouTube Channels in 2021?

No! Not hungry, it is Hangry…

Hangry by Nature is not a wholesome food youtube channel. It has a mixture of food and travel videos. So, Don’t get confused!!!

The channel is owned by Tina who is an Australian citizen but loves to live in different countries in Asia. Her passion for travel makes her start this channel. All she does is travel to different countries with her man, 2 children, and her camera to make videos.

In short, she is living the dream life of a lot of people out there and guides all about what to do.

The most popular video of the channel is 21 Highlights of the Genting Dream Cruise from Singapore (2020). This video has got 38K views since the day of its upload in July 2019.

  • Joined on: 3 Jun 2016
  • Subscribers: 16.4K subscribers
  • Videos: 165 videos
  • Views: 762K views
  • Location: Australia

4. MyCupCakeAddiction

Why MyCupCakeAddiction is one of the Best Australian Food YouTube Channels in 2021?

Australians love sweets the most! And that is why our list for the Best Australian Food Youtube Channels has baking channels in the majority.

MyCupCakeAddiction is the same kind of channel where you will find delicious recipes and the secret to cooking sweets with Elise. Her videos are a kind of celebration. Her tips and tricks on baking and cooking will let you be the master without going to a fancy pastry school, easily with your phone! And, if you do not have any interest know baking, her tempting dishes will be guilty of making you fall in love with all of those dishes.

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The most famous video on the channel is Skittles Rainbow Cake! How to make a Skittles Cake – Cupcake Addiction & Cupcakes & Cardio! that has got 32 Million views by far since Sept 2014.

  • Joined on: 21 Sept 2011
  • Subscribers: 3.11 Million subscribers
  • Videos: 464 videos
  • Views: 451 Million views
  • Location: Australia

5. Cook with Aussie

Why Cook with Aussie is one of the Best Australian Food YouTube Channels in 2021?

Either you love Gummy bears or mouth-watering Chicken Fried Steaks, you can have it all at one junction on youtube at Cook with Aussie.

Cook with Aussie is a channel that makes the fancy recipes look easy and tasty for anyone. The channel doesn’t hold long extended videos! Well, this doesn’t mean that you need to compromise with the quality or this is not a complete tutorial. Nahhhh!!! It has what is best for you. Short videos at their best! Here, you will find the basic recipes that you can make daily in a quick swap.

Isn’t this amazing?

The most famous video on Cook with Aussie is SUPER CRUNCHY FRIED CHICKEN – Video Recipe. It has got 3 Million views by far since its upload in Oct 2012.

  • Joined on: Joined 7 Jan 2012
  • Subscribers: 93.6K subscribers
  • Videos: 38 videos
  • Views: 23 Million views

6. RecipeTin Eats

Why RecipeTin Eats is one of the Best Australian Food YouTube Channels in 2021?

What if you need to make good food in a short period?

What if you have only everyday ingredients?

What if you have to prepare food for a lot of people?

Oh No so many what-ifs… But RecipeTin Eats is the one solution to all these what-ifs. It is an official youtube channel that aims to make videos on cooking recipes using everyday ingredients in a specific range of time. No matter you have an oven or cook in a pan, this channel is going to change your cooking skills and who knows you can be a pro too.

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The most famous video on RecipeTin Eats is Quesadillas. It has got 3 Million views by far since its upload in Jun 2018.

  • Joined on: 8 Dec 2015
  • Subscribers: 189Ksubscribers
  • Videos: 827 videos
  • Views: 51 Million views

Summing Up

Best Australian Food YouTube Channels in 2021
Source: Purewow

So, all the aspiring home chefs, these were our top picks for the list of the Best Australian Food YouTube Channels by far that you must follow in 2021 to get delicious food recipes. All of these channels deliver great recipe ideas with unique touch in each. But being a cake and sweet lover, my personal favorite guide is How to Cook That and MyCupCakeAddiction.

Now turn is yours. Choose your personal favorite and start your delicious food journey now!!!

And, Enjoy the process!!!!



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