5e Scimitar of Speed Vs Rapier | Difference Between Scimitar and Rapier in DnD

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Ohh…So we are talking about Scimitar and Rapier? Admirably, Scimitar is defined as an ‘Aggression’, and Rapier is defined as a ‘defensive’ by the players specifically. Scimitar of Speed in 5e and Rapier are the powerful weapons in DnD that serve specific purposes. Where Scimitar is an offensive sword, particularly; Rapier is a self-defensive weapon that is all about control. These two are completely distinct in the matter of their usage, but quite essential. On this page, a comparison is drawn between 5e Scimitar of Speed Vs Rapier in 5e DnD. 

Morally, It is always advised to use the Scimitar when a close and personal attack is made, Rapier is effectively picked up to escape the shot without being injured. Playing with the weapon is as fun and tricky as it seems to be, otherwise, it has to be put to application systematically. 

If you are still wondering how Scimitar is different from Rapier, read the ultimate guide on Scimitar of Speed and Rapier further. (WIELD YOUR WEAPON WITH PathOfEx)

Scimitar Of Speed 5e DnD

Scimitar Of Speed 5e DnD

Scimitar of Speed is an aggressive, rare, and magic sword that requires Attunement. It is mainly used for cutting or slicing unarmed opponents. This curved weapon is specially created with a prior motive to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of an aggressive player. It is used to deal with close and personal attacks. 

Scimitar of speed allows the player to get a +2 bonus while attacking and damage rolls. It is no less than a magic weapon that permits the player to create one attack on every turn, with its bonus action.

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Scimitar Of Speed Attributes (Source: Player’s Handbook)

Melee WeaponMartia, Sword
Damage TypeSlashing
Item RarityVery Rare
ModifiersMelee Attacks and Damage: +2 
PropertiesFinesse. Light

Rapier 5e DnD

Rapier 5e DnD

If you are looking for a dual weapon, Rapier is the one. It is a modern sword that is designed in a way to either self-defense or harasses with its edge. However, this sword is mainly used for defensive purposes and exposes the bruising targets. Rapiers are also put to the application during horseback combat. 

This western sword is all about controlling and managing the opponent safely, till the player gets the opportunity to strike, run, or leave the range. To make the most of it, pair a Rapier with other weapons, such as daggers, sword-breakers, or bucklers. This is a popular defensive sword that results in a deeper head game with combinations and pair-ups. 

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Difference Between Scimitar and Rapier in DnD 5e Feat

Scimitar of Speed and Rapier DnD are two distinct weapons with completely contrasting appearances, usage, application, and significance. They are exclusively dissimilar and unlike each other, but play a crucial role in DnD. Check out the following comparison drawn on various credentials between Scimitar of Speed and Rapier 5e DnD.  

5e Scimitar of Speed Vs Rapier

Scimitar Of Speed Vs Rapier in DnD 5e

1. Weight:

Scimitar is a gentle and light 3 pounds weapon, with 34 inches blade. Whereas, Rapier is a heavy weapon at 2lbs and 38 inches blade. 

2. Effeciency:

Scimitars are easy and efficient to wield weapons. They are small and uncomplicated. On the other side, Rapiers, even with heavyweight, are harder to wield with that much proficiency.  

3. Usage:

Scimitar is used for attacking roughly and aggressively. However, Rapiers are used for defending the attacks. 

4. Significance:

Scimitar helps the player to cut from about ⅓ the blade down, and draw the sword across the enemy, with its lightweight. This is technically not possible in heavy-weighted Rapier. With Rapier, a player is allowed to control the attack. 

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Scimitar 5e Attack Bonus in DnD

Scimitar Of Speed 5e DnD!

Scimitar is one of the military melee one-handed weapons, used by ardents, avemders, barbarians, battlements, fighters, paladins, rangers, wardens, and warlords. Proficient Characters can easily get an attack bonus with a weapon proficiency feat. 

Attack Bonus2
Weapon Die1d8
Proficiency CategoryMilitary
Weapon GroupHeavy Blade
Weapon PropertyHigh Crit

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Wrapping Up

With the variances between Scimitar and Rapier, it doesn’t become difficult to deal with but makes the game deeper, interesting, powerful, and thrilling. From hitting the targets to escaping their attacks, 5e DnD Scimitar and Rapier are two-influential weapons. 

P.S. Being an offensive and a violent player, I myself like the Double bladed 5e Scimitar magic weapon.

Figure out your personality and choose your weapon accordingly. Nothing makes you weak,  but a smart and confident player.

I know you are a Champion, defensive or offensive. Also, do let me know your take on the two in the box below.

Have a Good Game, Fighters! Adios!!


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