5 Smoothest Vodka Brands to Drink

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Are you a die-hard vodka lover who loves to have Vodka? Are you in search of the best tasting Vodka brands to upgrade your bar cart? If yes, then you have made it to the right post. This post is all about the Smoothest Vodka brands to drink once in a lifetime.

Vodkas raise the perfect toasts for any occasion. Be it a beachy cocktail party or a dazzling birthday celebration, it is the spirit of any party. That is why vodkas are the top-selling drinks!! Seeing the popularity, brands have come up with a lot of varieties. But, sadly not all vodkas taste the same. And what is the fun of having vodkas that are not clear and smoothest? This means, searching for the best vodkas can be a crazy mission. Then, which brand to go for?

According to the taste experts and Vodka lovers, the smoothest Vodka brands are

  • Belvedere Smogory Forest Vodka
  • Spirytus Rektyfikowany Vodka
  • Absolut Vodka
  • Grey Goose Vodka
  • Tito’s Handmade Vodka

But what makes these vodkas the smoothest of all? What are its tasting notes? How much this cost? Are these available online? Are these easy to use? Leave all these questions aside now!! Below you will find answers to all these questions. Read along to know the reasons to try these brands once.

List of the Smoothest Vodka brands

To most people, the vodkas need to be clean and mouthwatering. Picking up the Smoothest vodka brands can be tricky. It needs an expert’s tongue!!! Here is the top pick of vodkas that can be considered the smoothest of all.

Belvedere Smogory Forest

Belvedere Smogory Forest: Smoothest Vodka brands
Source: brandoo

Why Belvedere Smogory Forest is one of the Smoothest Vodka brands?

Belvedere Smogory Forest is an unbelievably smooth vodka that comes from the land of Poland. It is the reflection of the mild winters in the vast forest of Poland.

Oh, that taste!

The bold taste of the Belvedere Smogory Forest makes it forgettable with a rich mouth-feel. But the reason what makes this vodka so special lies in its way of preparation. This vodka is crafted in a 600-year-old traditional way using natural elements with zero added sugar. The drink is all-natural with a complex mellow taste. It is made by a unique mixture of white pepper and salted caramel with a touch of honey that leaves the mouth luscious.

Also, the presence of the lemon zest adds to its aroma and gives it a cool and lingering finish. The drink seems to be clean at the start and then becomes neutral. And yes! it is a justification for its name.

Well, not only the taste, but its packaging steals the show as well. This one can be your top-shelf bottle to flaunt it all the time.


Region of origin: Poland

Taste notes Bright, Smooth, and Crisp by the presence of Toasted bread, Sea salt, fudge, and pepper.

Cost: It costs $34.99 for 750ml of Belvedere Smogory Forest.

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Spirytus Rektyfikowany

Smoothest Vodka brands
Source: www.theviveur.com

Why Spirytus Rektyfikowany is one of the Smoothest Vodka brands?

Again!! This specialized Rectified Spirit comes from the land of Poland. Spirytus Rektyfikowany is a reflection of a devil vapor that will take you to a roral coaster ride of a hangover in mere sips. Now that is called adventure.

Well, It makes all wonder, how Poland knew the secrets to the perfect drink?

This is the Smoothest vodka and comes to be the strongest vodka all over the surface. with the use of modern technology, it combines with the traditional method to get the strongest taste possible. The unforgettable blend is made with agricultural cereal and premium ethyl alcohol. It has got other uses as well. For instance, this is used as the main element for making desserts and liqueurs.

But, don’t get excited too early!

You need to be a little cautious! If you want to enjoy this drink, do not forget to take it only after diluting.

Region of Origin: Poland

Taste notes Gentle and clean notes of premium ethyl alcohol.

Cost: It costs $15.99 for 750ml of Spirytus Rektyfikowany.

Absolut Elyx

Absolut Vodka Landscap: Smoothest Vodka brands
Source: Wilma

Why ABSOLUT ELYX is one of the Smoothest Vodka brands?

Absolut is an unmatchable creative brand that rules the drinking world since 1979.

Oh!! This taste cannot be explained in words!!

With a slight taste of caramel and vanilla, this vodka brand is the perfect example of harmony and balance. This bottle has a beautiful mixture of wheat and water giving it a velvety touch with each sip. It maintains its premium taste and delivers the highest quality without added sugar.

Yes, the brand is constantly experimenting to enhance the taste, yet the old original version has won the game all the time. Nothing has changed at all! It is still the same unique character by far that makes the best cocktail every time.

Region of Origin: New York

Taste notes: Fresh and fruity

Cost: It costs $65. for 1l of ABSOLUT ELYX.

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Grey Goose

Grey goose vodka: Smoothest Vodka brands
Source: Pinterest

Why Grey Goose is one of the Smoothest Vodka brands?

France is more popular for fragrances, but this time it has made up to the list of the Smoothest Vodka brands with the Super premium brand of Grey Goose.

A Vodka bottle made of winter wheat and water is enough to give you hangovers!

And, the smoothness of this vodka comes as a result of distillation five times! Yes, FIVE TMIES. But still, can be taken neat to enjoy the crispy delighting taste with a smooth finish. And how it feels? It is said to be one of the creamiest, clear, grainy noise, peppery vodka available by far. It has burnt charcoal with a sweet and spicy touch of spices.

Region of Origin: France

Taste notes: Toasty, crisp, and spicy notes

Cost: It costs $34.00 for 750ml of Grey Goose.

Tito’s Handmade Vodka

Tito's Handmade Vodka: Smoothest Vodka brands
Source: Allrecipes

Why Tito’s Handmade Vodka is one of the Smoothest Vodka brands?

The last one in the list of the Smoothest Vodka brands is Tito’s Handmade Vodka. But, it doesn’t matter that it lacks somewhere in terms of quality or taste. Nahhhhh! Instead of all this, it is the best example of handmade craft and is considered as the best America’s original vodka.

The craft uses the pot method wherein the classic potatoes and wheat are replaced with the yellow corn and is kept for distillation 6 times.

Wow, That is the beauty!

This is the signature cocktail that you can enjoy at a bar, at weddings or a domestic flights. The vodka tastes sweet ingredients with a balance of black pepper that adds to the spiciness of the cocktail.

Region of Origin: Austin

Taste notes: Slightly sweet

Cost: It costs $39.00 for 750ml of Tito’s handmade vodka.

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Final verdict

So, these are the best brands when it comes to the smoothest vodka brands. All of these are created with precision and had built a lot of trust among its users. Among all these, my personal preferences are Spirytus Rektyfikowany and Absolut Elyx with their classic ingredients.

So, what is the wait now? Grab your phone and order these classic drinks to add them to the list of your favorite drinks. Also, tell us which you like the most in the comment area.

And, enjoy!!!!


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