5 Reasons Why eBikes Are Great for Couriers

5 Reasons Why eBikes Are Great for Couriers

From take-out delivery to important packages, courier services play a key part in the daily delivery life of a city. If navigating busy city streets with packages of all shapes and sizes, consider an electric trike bike to update your courier service. Find out how ebikes compare with standard bicycles and cars by checking out these top five reasons to make the switch.

1. Great Exercise

Sitting in a car or truck all day can be an uncomfortable experience. Professional drivers are an essential part of the economy, but it makes for a sedentary lifestyle. If you’re driving a car around the city all day, then it’s tough to fit in the exercise you need to stay fit and healthy.

A standard bicycle can offer too much exercise. Pedaling for many miles every day makes for an exhausting work situation. Instead, choose an ebike to balance outdoor exercise and comfortable riding.

2. Less Traffic

Major cities can quickly become bogged down with street traffic. Don’t get stuck in a traffic jam as part of your courier service, but head to the fast lane with cyclist commuters and couriers. An ebike-based courier service can often outpace a car-based one, particularly during periods of heavy traffic.

3. Fast Deliveries

Riding in the bike lane is a popular option for couriers, but even the fastest Dutch city bikes can’t compete with an electric bicycle. Swap out a bike-based strategy for an electric bicycle. These powerful rides help you hit speeds up to 20 miles per hour as you safely cruise in and out of traffic. Whether riding on the street or taking a bike path, an electric bicycle performs better than a traditional one in terms of speed and convenience.

Electric bikes have two basic modes: pedal-assist and fully electric. In pedal-assist mode, your ebike can hit top speeds and continue to power around the city for long periods of time. When you’re wiped out and can’t pedal up another hill or across another block, switch to fully electric mode for smooth sailing and pedal-free movement.

This mode doesn’t go quite as fast or last as long as pedal-assist, so choose your electricity use wisely. The latest ebikes can be conveniently charged at home or work, so you can power your courier service for day after day of convenient rides.

4. Green Alternative

Compare the lithium-ion battery-powered ebike with a scooter or car and you’ll see why it’s an easy choice for an eco-friendly courier service. Reduce your carbon footprint with a bicycle built for a greener future.

5. Stylish Ride

Courier services aren’t just about timely deliveries. Make a strong first impression on clients and anyone else who sees you on the job. As a professional courier, it’s important to keep your bike maintained and choose a stylish ride to stand out in a crowd.

Update Your Courier Service Today

Don’t settle for a generic ebike or continue to battle traffic in your car. Compare electric bicycles and tricycles for adults today that fit your budget and your sense of style. Shave time off your deliveries to grow your reputation as a professional courier.

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