5 Best Russian Food YouTube Channels to Watch

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Preparing delicious food is not less than a piece of art. That is why most restaurants hire quality chefs who have mastered the art of cooking different cuisines with years of experience. But, if you want to master this art in a short span from your kitchen, then the internet has made you reach the right post. This post is all about the Best Russian food youtube channels. So, get your aprons ready, and take charge of the mission to learn Russian food. 

To most people, stepping into the new kitchen world seems way too difficult, especially when they are a beginner. But, to everyone’s surprise, Russian food is usually easy to make and takes lesser time to prepare. But, do know that there are only a few channels that aim to teach you Russian food recipes in a better manner? 

According to the latest stats and subscriber’s review, the Best Russian Food YouTube channels to follow in 2021 are:

  • Natasha’s Kitchen  2.06M Subscribers
  • TatyanasEverydayFood – 503K Subscribers
  • Russian Food – 10.9K Subscribers
  • Peter’s Food Adventures – 2.31K Subscribers
  • Russian Recipes – 1.23K Subscribers

But what is so special about these channels? Why only these marked their name in the list of the Best Russian Food Youtube Channels? How many Subscribers they have? What about the views? Find out the answer to all these in the post below.

Best Russian Food YouTube Channels to follow

Russian cuisine is known for its rich essence of culture and tradition. 

The delicious mouthwatering food is one of the main elementary dishes that rules the menu of every restaurant. Well, what makes it more interesting, it is to see how a simple food becomes rich in flavors and creates a deep memory of it in minds with just one bite. 

Just one bite????

Really??? How???

But, now you can also master this, too from your own kitchen!!

From a simple Russian salad to Borscht, you can know the secret of preparing such amazing food with the below-mentioned Youtube channels. 

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5) RussianRecipes – 1.23K Subscribers

Why RussianRecipes is one of the Best Russian Food YouTube Channels in 2021?

Oh, this junk food…

Are you too fed up with eating junk food all the time?

Do you have a big tummy that sneaks from the buttonhole of your shirt?

Do you want to maintain your body shape without losing the delicious Russian food?

If you are nodding in a yes, Ahaan, then the best food youtube channel for you that you must follow.

Confused WHY????

Well, RussianRecipes is a fun cooking channel. This channel will let your creative side come forward and make the best healthy food out of simple everyday food items. YES!!!! With everyday food! 

Now, this doesn’t mean that you need to compromise with the flavors. NO….NOT AT ALL!!!!

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Russian Recipes knows what a human tongue wants… Flavors and that is filled completely in their dishes. Be it the sweety cake or crunchy cookies, healthy salad or side dishes, you will find all of these on the channel. The recipes don’t seem so hard with it. You will get to learn about a new recipe every week. WUHU!!!

The most popular video of the channel Russian Recipes is Cream Butter and Condensed Milk – Russian Recipe Dessert. This video has got 58.8K views since May 2016.

  • Joined on: 1 Feb 2016
  • Subscribers: 1.23K subscribers
  • Videos: 32 videos
  • Views: 177 views
  • Location: United States

4) Raw c Mila– 1.63K Subscribers

Why Raw c Mila is one of the Best Russian Food YouTube Channels in 2021?

Raw c Mila is another Russian food channel that aims to make people it and healthy by making them follow a Healthy Lifestyle.

But, unlike the RussianRecipes, here you need to depend on Plant food ONLY!!! 


You must have heard that eating natural plant products boosts your immunity and improves health conditions and that is what Mila wants. To See Everyone Healthy!

The channel is filled with nutritious Russian food recipes that not only keep you fit but also take care of your taste and what ingredients you want. 

But, being a regional channel, the language used is Russian only!!

The most viewed food Youtube video of  Raw c Mila is КАК ЗАБЕРЕМЕНЕТЬ/ РЕЦЕПТ ОТ КОТОРОГО БЕРЕМЕНЕЮТ ВСЕ !!!! i.e How to get pregnant (a recipe that helps). This has gained 5.2K views since its upload in 2018.

  • Joined on: 16 Apr 2017
  • Subscribers: 1.63K subscribers
  • Videos: 40 videos
  • Views: 65.8K views
  • Location: Russia

3) Peter’s Food Adventures – 2.31K Subscribers

Why Peter’s Food Adventures is one of the Best Russian Food YouTube Channels in 2021?

Peter’s Food Adventures is a travel and food channel. This means it doesn’t involve only food or more specifically Russian food!!!

The major aim of this channel was quite simple. Do you Know WHAT????

It is “to stay connect to the roots of Russian food”.

You must be confused? Right? 

But it is simple! This channel is owned by Peter, who grew up learning about Russian recipes. His love and passion for Russian food are so high that he wants to pass on this traditional food love to his future generations and what else can be a better way than a youtube channel?

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This channel explores different corners of the world and tries the delicious native range of food. On this channel, you will find the majority of homemade Russian food recipes along with other American recipes. 

The famous video on the channel is How to Deep Fry a Turkey. And because of this video, it has gained 167.3K views since Nov 2017, when it was uploaded.

  • Joined on: 28 Dec 2016
  • Subscribers: 2.61K subscribers
  • Videos: 71 videos
  • Views: 544.6K views
  • Location: Australia

2) TatyanasEverydayFood – 503K Subscribers

Why TatyanasEverydayFood is one of the Best Russian Food YouTube Channels in 2021?

The next channel that rules the heart of Russian food lovers with her incredible food recipes all over the globe is TatyanasEverydayFood. 

It is astonishing how these people know cooking so well? 

There must be a secret!!

As from salads and pasta to yummy treats of sweet and elegant deserts this channel is your home coach for all. After having a note at the mouthwatering her channel, you cannot resist yourself from traying all those of your own, even if it is your first day in the kitchen. 


Else, you will end up running rats in your stomach, dreaming about delicious food!!! Lol!

The most viewed food Youtube video of TatyanasEverydayFood is How to Make Sushi: Easy Step-by-Step Instructions. This particular video is so much popular among viewers that it has gained 3.15 Million views since its upload in Oct 2013.

  • Joined on: 7 Oct 2012
  • Subscribers: 513K subscribers
  • Videos: 515 videos
  • Views: 46.9 Million views
  • Location: United States

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1) Natasha’s Kitchen

Why Natasha’s Kitchen is one of the Best Russian Food YouTube Channels in 2021?

What happened? Even after seeing so many recipe videos, still cannot cook the exact same restaurant-style Russian food?

Still, confused if you can be a good Russian food cook or not? 

Then Hang on!! And wait!!

The number no. is still pending. 

And, it is Natasha’s Kitchen.

Undoubtedly, our top pick for the list of the Best Russian Food YouTube Channels in 2021 has to be Natasha’s Kitchen.


You must have seen that every chef makes food in the same way but, everyone uses his own tips and tricks. And, here, the chef of Natasha’s Kitchen via her channel can help you out. She loves to make step-by-step cooking recipes so that you can cook a luscious dinner for your family and loved ones along with the initing desserts.

And what if your child loves that food too? 

Yes, this is possible. She is a mom herself and cooks for her kids. NAd the good news is that they love her food a lot!!

The most viewed food Youtube video of Natasha’s Kitchen is Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo Recipe – Easy Dinner. This video has got more than  14.8 Million views since Aug 2018. 

And, this is really huge!!!

  • Joined on: 24 Nov 2012
  • Subscribers: 2.15 Million subscribers
  • Videos: 283 videos
  • Views: 198.4 Million views
  • Location: United States
Best Russian Food YouTube Channels in 2021

So these are the Best Russian Food Youtube Channels to follow in 2021 along with the essential details. In my personal opinion, Natasha’s Kitchen and the RussianRecipes are the best channels that you must follow to win people’s hearts with Russian food.

So, Emerging chefs, Now it is your turn to grab your favoriterecipe from these channels and rock the party next time.



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