5 Best Mobile Payment Apps for Android 2021

Best Mobile Payment Apps

If you are looking for some trusted mobile payment apps for Android, then the Internet has got you to the right place. In this article, you will find a list of the best mobile payment apps for Android.

Today is the era of technology and in this time where everything is going online, it has become essential to find a platform where you can freely and securely transfer your money. Whether you are doing online shopping or going to a restaurant with your friends, everyone prefers a cashless transition. So having an app that provides you security plus easy transition for all those times is a must.

With the following apps, you can transfer your money without any worry. These apps are secure, easy to use and you can download them for free, so you don’t need to be a banker for a secure transition. Best Mobile Payment Apps for Android

  1. Google Pay
  2. Paypal
  3. Venmo
  4. Samsung Pay
  5. Cash APP

The above-mentioned apps have many different features, pros, and cons. Read further to know more about these mobile payment apps for Android. 

Best Mobile Payment Apps for Android

Below-mentioned applications are the best mobile payment apps. These applications can be helpful in many ways. Choose the right application that suits your requirements.

1. Google Pay

Mobile Payment Apps for Android
Source: The Keyword

On 8th of January 2008 Android Pay and Google Pay unified to form a single payment app that we know as Google pay. Google pay uses features of both the parental app that’s why it came as a better version of the previous apps.

Why Google Pay?

  • Easy to use, you can send money even from your gmail
  • Charges no fees
  • Gives a chart of the amount you spent in a week
  • Saves the transitions you made in a week
  • Keeps the payment information private 

Why not Google Pay?

  • Payment can be made only through Axis Visa card and SBI card
  • Support only few International transitions
  • Not widely used
  • Hindrance in smooth transition

2. Paypal

Mobile Payment Apps for Android
Source: Multichannel Merchant

Paypal is a payment method which has been in this business for a very long time. It gives you the ability to transfer money both domestic and international level.  

Why Paypal?

  • Extremely easy to use on mobile
  • No charges to start an account
  • Keeps your account secure through its strong encryption technology 
  • Send money to your friends and family without any charges
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 Why not Paypal?

  • Charges money for business transitions
  • paypal can freeze your account if they feel the necessity 
  • Sometimes the app crashes

 3. Venmo

Mobile Payment Apps for Android
Source: PYMNTS

Venmo is the most mobile friendly app, if you want to split your bill with your friends or you want to make an immediate transition then Venmo is the best. It is a part of paypal, however it is different from paypal and more friendly to use.

Why Venmo?

  • Designed to use on phone
  • Easy payment option
  • Transitions can be made immediately

Why not Venmo?

  • The transition can be made only through the app
  • The app can charge the customers if the transitions are made through a credit card
  • Only domestic transitions
  • The privacy default is public you have to change it if required

4. Samsung Pay

Mobile Payment Apps for Android
Source: XDA Developers

The app uses NFC technology so you can do transitions through your Samsung smartphone without using your credit or debit card. It securely saves the digital copies of your cards, giving you the freedom to buy anything without your card.

Why Samsung Pay?

  • The app doesn’t share your card details
  • The app is supported by a range of Samsung phone as well as by Samsung smartwatches
  • Easy transition through Samsung to Samsung smartphone
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Why not Samsung Pay?

  • Samsung Pay is not free
  • Works only in Samsung phone
  • Not all banks support Samsung pay

5. Cash APP

Mobile Payment Apps for Android
Source: Business Insider

Cash App was created in 2009 by Square Inc, it gives you the ability to transfer money by Cash App Balance, linked bank account, credit or debit card. You can request and receive money from the other users of the app.

Why Cash APP?

  • A better way for transitions
  • Allows to buy and sell personal stocks
  • A safer way for transitions

Why not Cash APP?

  • Charges fee if the transition is made through credit card
  • Limitation on the maximum amount of transfer
  • Only domestic transitions

Final Verdict

Now the question that arises is that, why not the old method of transition? Well, these apps save your time, it is secure, it is easy to use, you don’t have to worry about forgetting your wallet and the best thing is it is for free. Therefore there is no benefit in struggling with the paperwork when everything can be done at your convenience.

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