4 Ways to Divide a Room

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When it comes to interior design, sometimes you need to be able to divide a large room into smaller sections. Whether this is a studio apartment or a large open plan house, dividing the space can improve the look, feel and practicality of the space and there are a few clever ways that you can divide the space.

1. Bookcase

One of the quickest and easiest ways to divide a space is with the use of a bookshelf. This allows you to split off the space into multiple smaller areas, plus you can use the bookcase as storage and for decoration. This is smart because it allows you to reduce clutter and make items easier to find when you need them while being able to showcase your personality. You could even make your own bookcase tailored to your space, which can be easy enough to do with the right tools such as drill drivers and a few other handy tools. 

2. Curtains

If you want to be able to completely separate parts of the space then curtains can be a good option, particularly in a studio apartment where you may want to create a separate space for your bedroom. Curtains can also be pulled back to create a large space, so there is versatility with this option.

3. Furniture

Furniture is another effective and practical way to break up the space, especially items like a sofa. Positioning the sofas to divide the room allows you to easily create new spaces without the need for additional items like a curtain or door, plus this can look stylish and inviting too.

4. Wall Hangings/Curtain of Beads

Another popular way to divide a space is to use wall hangings or a curtain of beads. This creates a physical divide and can provide privacy but it is also a way to bring decoration and style into your home. This creates a distinct barrier and would work well in a studio apartment where you may want to be able to create a bedroom space.

If you are looking to divide up a large space into smaller sections then these are a few of the best ways that you can do this. This is something that people often want to do both in studio apartments where you may want a separate bedroom and living space but also in larger, open-plan homes. Dividing the space is practical but it can also be a chance to be creative and make the space look more attractive and welcoming.


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