4 Ways to be a Better Person in 2022

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We’re well into the new year which means now that the dust has settled and you’re back into the swing of things, it’s high time to look at ways you can improve yourself for the year ahead. Everyone has things they can work on when it comes to their personality and how they act around others. It’s okay to focus on goals like saving money and being more active, but it’s also imperative that you strive to improve how you act. If everyone took the time to self-evaluate and work on their flaws, the world would be a much kinder place. 

So, with this in mind, here are four simple ways you can be a better person in 2022. 

4 Ways to be a Better Person in 2022

1.  Recycle More 

The first way you can improve yourself is to recycle more. It might not seem like a big deal, but when you make a conscious effort to reduce waste, you’re showing that you’re aware of your impact on the environment and how it affects other people. Too many people fail to see how much of a difference simply separating their plastics from their food waste can make, but the impact it has on the broader aspect of climate change is huge. 

The more people recycle, the more we can make new things from old items, therefore reducing the amount of greenhouse gasses being emitted and ensuring those who live in climate vulnerable countries have a more stable and secure future. 

2. Pay it Forward 

The next way you can be a better a person is to pay it forward. This means if you’re at a drive through or coffee shop, pay for the person behind you. This small gesture doesn’t cost much and could completely turn someone’s day from a bad one to a good one. Giving to others is one of the ultimate signs of selflessness and not only helps them see the good in humanity, but it also means you’ll get that warm, fuzzy feeling inside knowing that you’ve done something good for someone else. 

3. Give to Charity 

Along the same wavelength to paying it forward is to give to charity Whether you choose to give money to a local animal shelter or to help an emergency appeal, giving to charity is a great way to be a better, more conscientious person. Whether the donation is big or small, you’ll rest easy in the knowledge that you’re making a difference. 

It’s not just those who receive your donations who will benefit – giving to charity has been proven to lower stress levels, reduce depression and anxiety, and improve self-confidence. This is all the more reason to set up a direct debit or to volunteer your time at a charity! 

4. Small Acts of Kindness 

The fourth way you can be a better person in 2022 is to simply engage in small acts of kindness. Some examples include holding the door open for someone, helping a neighbor with their groceries, checking in a lonely acquaintance, leaving a generous tip when dining out, giving out random but genuine compliments to people you meet, and smiling at strangers. 

You never know what someone is going through and how their day is going. A small act of kindness doesn’t take much, but to someone who’s not having a good time, it could be the thing that makes their day and encourages them to carry on. 


Recognizing ways you can improve on yourself isn’t easy, but these four methods will go a long way to helping you be a better person this coming year. 


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