4 Reasons To Take Up LLB Course

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Legum Baccalaureus, popularly known as LLB or Bachelor of Law, is an appealing option for those looking for a respective and prestigious professional career. This three-year LLB course offers a wealth of advantages to aspirants, including job stability, high-end salary packages, and a deep understanding of the functioning of society. Regardless of their streams, aspirants can pursue an LLB course after completing their senior school certificate examination with flying colors. 

Aspirants need to score a minimum of 50 percent marks in higher and senior secondary levels as an educational requirement to get into a law school in India. Besides this, aspirants need to take CLAT or LSAT examinations to gain admission to a law school. Aspirants must rank up to 15,000 in CLATAIR or have scored 60 percentile or above in LSAT to make it to top-notch law colleges in India. Some law universities also conduct admission tests followed by a group discussion to shortlist desirable candidates. 

Now, let’s thoroughly discuss the top four reasons you need to take up an LLB course in this blog.

  1. You will have the power to make a difference 

Law provides in-depth knowledge of law framework, legal rights, duties, and law-making, enabling you to tackle our society’s social and environmental issues. Furthermore, the course helps understand the functions of the Parliament. As the law is regarded as supreme in India and people abide by it, a profession in this field brings you respect, prestige, and value. With insight into the Indian constitution and law, you will have the power to make our society better.

  1. Law offers you crucial skills

Law provides you with the necessary skills required to thrive in the area. During the course, you will gain pragmatic transferrable skills, such as critical thinking, problem-solving, decision making, presentation skills, communication, and public speaking. Top-ranked colleges in India also have a moot court setup that provides students a platform to perform confidently in the courtroom. The program also imparts several practical skills, including strategies to deal with challenges, draft documents, and arguments on cases.

  1. Broad career opportunities

Another benefit of pursuing a law course is that it opens the door to many career paths. Besides enabling you to step into the three arms of the Indian Government- Legislature, Executive, and Judiciary, a law degree provides various avenues to a lucrative career. You can become a teacher, journalist, or work as a government employee with a law degree.

  1. Financial stability 

A career in law is recession-proof. No pandemic, crisis, or event can shake your recession-proof career. As legal professionals are well-versed in the language of the law, they receive attractive salary packages regardless of the recession. According to PayScale, the average salary of a Legal Counsel is INR 11,75,291 per year, while a law fresher with less than a year’s experience earns INR 5,11,000 per annum.


If you’re looking for an intellectually challenging and rewarding profession, an LLB course is the right fit for you. So, apply to the course in the top-notch law colleges right away!


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