30+ Best Songs By Halsey That You Must Listen

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Music is food to my soul. Be it working all day long or studying religiously, or just chilling in cool weather, music is a must. Especially if the song is by Halsey. If you love Halsey, you came to the right spot. Here you will find 30+ Best Songs by Halsey till now.

Who wasn’t hooked up to the chorus of Without Me in 2018? It still gets more than 1 lakh views every day, with a total of 525M views and counting. That’s just one song. Halsey is a powerful singer who can sing from subtleties to high notes. She has got it all covered. 

She is a head-strong activist, suffers from Bipolar Disorder, is proudly Bi-sexual, and a fantastic artist. Her debut song was a viral hit. Don’t worry! You will know about it very soon. From a simple artist to number 1 Billboard Hot 100. It has been a roller coaster ride for her. Choosing the Best Songs By Halsey was a very difficult job, but we have done it for you.

From being an unknown voice to having a net worth of $20 Million. Her songs have done the magic time and again. Here is the list of best songs by Halsey that you must listen to. 

5 Best Songs by Halsey

Here are the top five best songs by Halsey with their videos. Checkout and enjoy!!!

1. Nightmare 

Released in 2019, Nightmare is a non-album single by Halsey. The song has lyrics that connect a lot of women. “I don’t owe you a goddamn thing,” “Imma let you speak if you let me breathe” are the power lines from the song. 

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2. Without Me 

Without Me was released under the album Manic. It became her first solo to reach Number 1 on Billboard Hot 100. She touched millions of hearts with this song. It is a post-breakup song that makes even all the singles cry.

She wrote this song alongside Amy Allen, Brittany Amaradio, and Louis Bell. Without Me won the American Music Award in the category Favorite Song- Rock/Pop in 2019.

3. Bad At Love

Bad at Love is released under the album Hopeless Foundation Kingdom and reached Number 1 on Hot 100 in 2017. This song is written by Justin Tranter, Ricky Reed, and Roget Chahayed with Halsey itself.

It also earned her two award nominations. One was from Teen Choice Awards and another from iHeart Radio Much Music Video Awards.

4. Strangers

After the announcement of this song that it will be a collaboration between Halsey and Lauren from Fifth Harmony, the fans tweeted for months for its release. Strangers did stand up to all the expectations, and fans loved the beautiful melody created by Halsey and Lauren Jauregui. It was from the Hopeless Foundation Kingdom album.

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5. Is There Somewhere

Is There Somewhere is a debut track from the EP Room 93. It is quite unconventional as it has no chorus with multiple verses. This is why it is respected by all the new and old fans because of the risk she took by doing such a song. It is composed by Ashley herself. 

The list of the songs does not end here. There are many songs that needs to be a part of this list. Out of some super amazing songs we have listed some of the best.

30 Best Songs By Halsey

  1. Gasoline

Album- Badlands,201

2. 100 Letters

Album- Hopeless Foundation Kingdom, 2017

3. Trouble 

Ep- Room 93, 2014

4. 11 Minutes

Non-album single, 2019

5. Boy with Luv

Album- Map of The Soul Persona, 2019

6. Hurricane 

EP- Room 93, 2014

7. Eastside

Album- Friends Keep Secrets, 2018

8. Colors 

Album- Badlands, 2015

9. Closer

Album- Collage, 2016

10. Hopeless

 Album- Hopeless Foundation Kingdom, 2017

11. Ghost

Album- Badlands, and Room 93 EP. 2014

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12. 929

Album- Manic, 2020

13. Experiment On Me 

Album- Birds of Prey: The Album, 2020

14. Tokyo Narita

Album- Tokyo Narita (Freestyle), 2016

15. Coming Down

Album- Badlands, 2015

16. You Should be Sad

Album- Manic, 2020

17. Roman Holiday

Album- Badlands, 2015

18. New Americana

Album- Badlands, 2015

19. Castle

Album- Badlands, 2015

20. Now Or Never

Album- Hopeless Foundation Kingdom, 2017

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21. Him And I

Album- Beautiful and Damned, 2017

22. Hurricane

Album- Badlands, 2015

23. Eastside

Album- Friends Keep Secrets, 2018

24. Not Afraid Anymore

Album-  Fifty Shades Darker: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, 2017

25. Sorry

Album- Hopeless Foundation Kingdom, 2017

26. Graveyard

Album- Graveyard, 2019

27. Killing Boys

Album- Manic, 2020

28. Eyes Closed

Album- Hopeless Foundation Kingdom, 2017

29. SUGA’s Interlude

Album- Manic, 2020

30. Alone

Album- Hopeless Foundation Kingdom, 2017

Frequently Asked Question

Is Halsey her real name?

No, her real name is Ashley Nicolette Frangipane.

How many tattoos does Halsey have?

Halsey has a minimum of 29 tattoos.

What nationality does Halsey have?

She is African-American on her father’s side and Italian, Nigerian, Hungarian on her mother’s side. 

Final Thought 

Listening to Halsey’s song is like traveling to another dimension. All her songs are my favorite, and I could not decide on one. So if you have a favorite song by Halsey, let us know in the comment section below. I hope you enjoyed reading this article. We’ll come back with more exciting stuff. 


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