2022 Email Marketing Trends

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According to statistics, 72% of customers prefer email as their primary channel for business communication. Furthermore, 61% of respondents would like to receive promotional email messages every week, 38% – even more frequently.

These statistics reaffirm that email won’t give up its position and will remain one of the most effective Internet marketing channels. Moreover, now, it even surpasses social networks in terms of engagement.

Data compiled by OptinMonster show the overall engagement rate on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook is 0.58%. In addition, the average email open rate across all sectors is 22.86%, and the (CTR) average click-through rate is 3.71%.

How do you get such high engagement? And what is the secret to successful email mailing in 2022? Understanding the critical industry trends will help answer these questions.

Trend #1: Advanced Personalized Messages

Users are tired of a “one-size-fits-all” approach in ads and emails. It creates informational noise. People want to talk to people and receive letters written in human language on exciting topics. So emails are becoming more personalized and human. Companies strive to show the business/production process’s inner side and introduce readers to their team.

  • Professional email signatures

Every part of your email, especially a sign-off, should give opportunities for recipients to engage, convert, learn something, and trust you more. Your email signature (kind of like a business card) is the last thing people see, so it needs to make an impact.

2022 Email Marketing Trends

You can add your name, position, company name, logo, photo, contact information, meeting links, calls to action, social media links, awards, customer reviews, a link to your blog, and more. 

All these things show recipients who you are, what you do, and what you stand for. In addition, your photo adds a personal touch and makes your messages more memorable. 

Now you understand the importance of a professional email signature. So let’s take a look at some good email signature examples so you can see the signatures in action.

You can create an attractive email footer with a free email signature generator.

Trend #2: Adding More Interactivity

Epsilon’s research has demonstrated that email open rates can increase by as much as 73% when we use interactive content in email newsletters. This concept includes everything that prompts people to take action.

These can be animated GIFs, image carousels, gamification elements, popup menus, and so on. The techniques can help turn passive readers into active customers.

Trend #3: Focus on Mobile Optimization

With the decline in the use of PCs and the high popularity of smartphones, more and more emails are created with a mobile-centric design. If the email is inconvenient to read from the phone and needs to be scrolled or scaled for a long time, it will most likely be closed.

That’s why there should be a balance between the font size of the heading and the text under this heading. For example, 22-24 px for the title and 14-16 px for the text. A small font is difficult to read from the screen of a mobile device. 

2022 Email Marketing Trends

Try to separate different semantic blocks from each other using white space. Also, bring the most crucial information to the top. This way, the reader will immediately understand the purpose of the mailing.

Also, keep in mind that accessing a link with a finger on a smartphone isn’t easy. Therefore, place buttons and links, so they are not densely surrounded by text or other links.

Trend #4: Short form Emails

Litmus found that, on average, a person is ready to devote 13.4 seconds to reading an email. Since the average adult reads between 250 and 300 words per minute, the optimal text size for an email is 50 words.

If you don’t want to limit yourself or your team in any way, pay attention to these recommendations:

  • Use short sentences. Most people are too lazy to read long sentences. And they are harder to understand;
  • Avoid professional vocabulary. An exception is if you are an expert in a specific field and write for other professionals;
  • Localize your content. What the American audience will like may not be accepted well by the German audience, and vice versa. Be culturally sensitive.

2022 Email Design Trends

Spoiled by quality social media design, users become increasingly demanding to other content design, including email. To gain sympathy and respect, you need to follow several trends.

  • Combination of static images with animation

This trend has come to email marketing from social media, where marketers started to replace static content (especially in business accounts) with simple and complex motion, the demand for which is constantly increasing. Animation is an excellent tool for grabbing attention and holding it for longer.

  • Dark mode

Dark mode for mobile devices became popular over two years ago and is still in trend. It allows us to use a smartphone in low light conditions comfortably and at night, saving eyesight and energy. Many smartphones have a preset night mode. You can find many applications on the Internet (galleries, browsers, file managers, etc.) for fans of dark themes. Popular email clients also support this mode, but they invert all colors automatically, and they may not make any changes to the email design (the white the background is not replaced with the black one). For these reasons, more and more brands create emails that can be displayed correctly in dark mode.

2022 Email Marketing Trends
  • Neon colors

Incorporating neon colors in your emails is an excellent way to stand out. If we look into color psychology, we’ll see that neon colors represent boldness and excitement. So why not?

2022 Email Marketing Trends

But be sure to follow the below recommendations: 

  • Use neon colors sparingly in a single email; 
  • Avoid neon-colored backgrounds as they can be like an eye-sore. Use neon for elements only;
  • Keep in mind that neon colors stand out more on dark backgrounds.


In 2022, email marketing will evolve in response to consumer demands for interactivity, usefulness, and authenticity of the content. Not to lose in the competitive information battle, it is important to be simpler and closer to the reader, building friendly and trustful relations via emails. Follow the tips mentioned in this article, and do not be afraid to experiment. Maybe next year your idea will become a new trend. 


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