2.5 > Slings and Arrows – Alaska Watchman

2.5 > Slings and Arrows – Alaska Watchman

Joel and I knew the article on vaccine reactions would expose the blatant double standard, I just didn’t know it would be the ADN who would chomp on it in spectacular fashion. Part of why we exist is because for years, the mainstream media has not told you the whole story.

But the mainstream media in lockstep with government do not believe you are capable of deciding anything for yourself. Get in line and conform, or suffer the slings and arrows.

If you want the COVID treatment, go and get it. Alaska is showing the entire country how effective distribution is supposed to be done. If you don’t, don’t. But if you want to use COVID to remake society in some graven image, and you demand everyone only hear half the story, then the Watchman probably isn’t for you.

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