230+ Mortifying Truth or Dare Questions For Girls and Boys in 2022

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Truth or Dare comes to the rescue whenever a party sucks. Games like spin the bottle, never have I ever, and Truth or Dare keep the spirit high at a party. However, it gets pretty difficult to come up with new, funny, and different questions every time you play Truth and Dare. So, I come here to save your party with some funny, situational, and innovative Truth and Dare questions.

In my teens, I have played this game at every party. Not because it was fun, but also because you get to know everybody’s secrets. If you are having a sleepover, a party with friends, or just a normal get-together, there is a high chance that you will end up playing Truth or Dare.

Below, in the article, you will find so many different Truth or Dare Questions to ask girls or boys. Use these questions and have a blast at your party. You can even use these questions to start a conversation.

Funny Truth or Dare Questions for Friends

200+ Mortifying Truth or Dare Questions For Girls and Boys in 2021
  1. Who would you hate to see naked?
  2. How long have you gone without a shower?
  3. If you could only text one person for the rest of your life, but you could never talk to that person face-to-face, who would that be?
  4. How long have you gone without brushing your teeth?
  5. What’s one thing you would never eat on a first date?
  6. What have you seen that you wish you could unsee?
  7. If you could be reincarnated into anyone’s body, who would you want to become?
  8. If you switched genders for the day, what would you do?
  9. What’s one food that you will never order at a restaurant?
  10. What’s the worst weather to be stuck outside in if all you could wear was a bathing suit?
  11. If your car broke down in the middle of the road, who in this room would be the last person you would call? Why?
  12. What’s the most useless piece of knowledge you know?
  13. What did you learn in school that you wish you could forget?
  14. Is it better to use shampoo as soap or soap as shampoo?
  15. If you run out of toilet paper, would you consider wiping with the empty roll?
  16. What would be the worst part about getting pantsed in front of your crush?
  17. If you could only use one swear word for the rest of your life, which one would you choose?
  18. What’s the best thing to say to your friend that would be the worst thing to say to your crush?
  19. Who do you think is the Beyonce of the group?
  20. Would you rather eat dog food or cat food?
  21. If you had nine lives, what would you do that you wouldn’t do now?
  22. If you could play a prank on anyone without getting caught, who would you play it on?
  23. What would the prank be?
  24. Have you ever pretended to like a gift? How did you pretend?
  25. Would you rather not shower for a month, or eat the same meal every day for a month?
  26. What animal most closely resembles your eating style?
  27. If you could choose to never sweat for the rest of your life or never have to use the bathroom, which would you choose?
  28. If you could spend every waking moment with your girlfriend or boyfriend, would you?

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Embarrasing Truth or Dare Questions for Friends

230+ Mortifying Truth or Dare Questions For Girls and Boys in 2022
  1. If your crush told you he liked your best friend, what would you do?
  2. What if your best friend told you that she liked your crush?
  3. If you knew your friend’s boyfriend was cheating on her, what would you do?
  4. Have you ever told a lie about your best friend to make yourself look better?
  5. What was your first impression of [fill in the name of a person in the room]?
  6. If you had to date someone else’s boyfriend, who would it be?
  7. Who’s hotter: you or your friend?
  8. Have you ever shared your friend’s secret with someone else?
  9. Rate everyone in the room from 1 to 10, with 10 being the hottest.
  10. Would you share a toothbrush with your best friend?
  11. Rate everyone in the room from 1 to 10, with 10 being the best personality.
  12. Have you ever ignored a friend’s text? Why did you do it?
  13. Have you ever lied to your best friend?
  14. Would you let a friend cheat on a test?
  15. If your friend asked you to lie for her and you knew you would get in trouble, would you do it?
  16. If one of your friends were cheating with your other friend’s boyfriend, what would you do?
  17. Would you ditch your friends if you could become the most popular girl in school?
  18. If you had to choose, who would you stop being friends with?
  19. Name one thing you would change about each person in this room.
  20. If you had to trade your friend in for the celebrity crush of your dreams, which friend would you choose?
  21. What was your first impression of your best friend’s boyfriend?
  22. What do you think about him now?
  23. Have you ever thought about ditching your friend for a boy?
  24. If someone asked you what your best friend is like, how would you describe her?
  25. You win a trip and are allowed to bring two people. Who do you pick?
  26. On an overnight trip, would you rather share a bed with your best friend or her boyfriend?
  27. If you could swap one physical feature with your best friend, what would that be?
  28. Have you ever told a secret you were told to keep?
  29. If your best friend had B.O., would you tell her?
  30. What is the most annoying thing about your best friend?
  31. Who do you think your friend should date instead of her current boyfriend?
  32. If she doesn’t have a boyfriend, who do you think she should date?
  33. Do you think your friend’s boyfriend is hot?
  34. Would you hook up with him if you knew she would never find out?
  35. Have you ever ditched your friend for a boy?
  36. If your friend and your boyfriend were both dying in front of you, who would try to save you first?

Truth or Dare Questions for Guys

230+ Mortifying Truth or Dare Questions For Girls and Boys in 2022
  1. Do you currently have a crush on anyone?
  2. Describe what your crush looks like.
  3. What is your crush’s personality like?
  4. Is there anything about your life you would change?
  5. Who do you hate, and why?
  6. What’s your biggest pet peeve?
  7. How many people have you kissed?
  8. What’s your biggest turn-on?
  9. If you could date anyone in the world, who would you date?
  10. Would you rather be skinny and hairy or fat and smooth?
  11. Who would you ask to prom if you could choose anyone?
  12. Describe your perfect date.
  13. Would you ever date two people at once if you could get away with it?
  14. You have to delete every app on your except for five. Name the five you would keep.
  15. Have you ever sent out a nude Snapchat?
  16. Have you ever received a nude selfie? Who was it from?
  17. What was your reaction? Like or dislike?
  18. Have you ever gotten mad at a friend for posting an unflattering picture of you?
  19. Have you ever had a crush on a teacher?
  20. Who do you think would make the best kisser? (List a few people for them to choose.)
  21. Have you ever sent someone the wrong text?
  22. Have you ever cursed at your parents? Why?
  23. Who do you think is the cutest person in our class?
  24. What is the most attractive feature on a person?
  25. What the biggest deal-breaker for you?
  26. How far would you go on a first date?
  27. Have you ever regretted something you did to get a crush’s attention?
  28. Would you ever be mean to someone if it meant you could save your close friend from embarrassment?
  29. Of the people at our school, who do you think would make the best president?
  30. If we didn’t have a dress code, what would you wear to school that you can’t wear now?
  31. Describe what makes someone husband or wife material.
  32. If you could make $1 million, would you drop out of school?
  33. What is your worst habit?
  34. What’s one thing you do that you don’t want anyone to know about?
  35. Do you frequently stalk anyone on social media? Who?

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Truth or Dare Questions for Girls

200+ Mortifying Truth or Dare Questions For Girls and Boys in 2021
  1. What is the worst date you’ve ever been on?
  2. Have you ever had a crush on a friend’s boyfriend/girlfriend?
  3. If you had to make out with a boy at school, who would it be?
  4. Would you rather go for a month without washing your hair or go for a day without wearing a bra?
  5. Have you ever asked someone out?
  6. Have you ever had a crush on a person at least 10 years older than you?
  7. Who is the worst kisser you’ve kissed?
  8. What size is your bra?
  9. Do you wear tighty-whities or granny panties?
  10. Do you ever admire yourself in the mirror?
  11. Has a crush ever found out you liked them and turned you down?
  12. Have you ever been stood up on a date?
  13. What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve done regarding your crush?
  14. Do you secretly love Twilight?
  15. Have you ever wanted to be a cheerleader?
  16. Who is the hottest: Hagrid, Dumbledore, or Dobby?
  17. If you could marry any celebrity, who would it be?
  18. What do you do to get yourself “sexy”?
  19. Who is your current crush?
  20. What hairstyle have you always wanted, but never been willing to try?
  21. What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve said or done in front of someone you like?
  22. What part of your body do you love, and which part do you hate?
  23. Who is your celebrity crush?
  24. If you could change one thing about your body, what would it be?
  25. Who was your first kiss? Did you like it?
  26. Who are you jealous of?
  27. If you could be another girl at our school, who would you be?
  28. Would you kiss a guy on the first date? Would you do more than that?
  29. Who are the top five cutest guys in our class? Rank them.
  30. How many kids do you want to have in the future?
  31. Who do you hate the most?
  32. If you could go out on a date with a celebrity, who would it be?
  33. If you were stranded on a deserted island, who would you want to be stranded with from our school?
  34. Have you ever flirted with your best friend’s siblings?
  35. Have you ever been dumped? What was the reason for it?
  36. Jock, nerd, or bad guy?
  37. Have you ever had a crush on a friend’s boyfriend?
  38. Who is your first pick for prom?
  39. What’s the sexiest thing about a guy?
  40. What’s the sexiest thing about a girl?
  41. What’s one physical feature that you would change on yourself if you could?
  42. Would you rather be a guy than a girl? Why?
  43. Describe your dream career.
  44. If you could eat anything you wanted without getting fat, what would that food be?
  45. If you had to do a game show with someone in this room, who would you pick?
  46. Would you go a year without your phone if it meant you could marry the person of your dreams?
  47. You are going to be stuck on a desert island, and you can only bring five things. List them.
  48. If you could only wear one hairstyle for the rest of your life, would you choose curly hair or straight hair?
  49. You have to give up one makeup item for the rest of your life. What is it?
  50. Would you date someone shorter than you?
  51. If someone paid you $1000 to wear your bra outside your shirt, would you do it?

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Truth or Dare Questions for Teens

230+ Mortifying Truth or Dare Questions For Girls and Boys in 2022
  1. If you had to delete one app from your phone, which one would it be?
  2. What is your greatest fear in a relationship?
  3. Go around the room and say one positive and one negative thing about each person.
  4. What is one disturbing fact I should know about you?
  5. Have you ever smoked?
  6. Have you ever tried drugs?
  7. What about alcohol?
  8. What’s the craziest thing you’ve done while under the influence?
  9. If you were trapped for three days on an island, who are three people in this room you would bring with you and why?
  10. Would you go to a nude beach?
  11. Who’s the most annoying person in this room?
  12. Are you still a virgin?
  13. If you had to marry someone in this room, who would it be?
  14. Do you have hidden piercings or tattoos?
  15. How long was your longest relationship?
  16. If you could have one celebrity follow you on Instagram, who would that be?
  17. You have to delete five people on Instagram. Name them.
  18. Do you want to get married one day?
  19. Do you want to have kids? How many?
  20. Would you ever get into a long-distance relationship?
  21. Describe the person of your dreams.
  22. What would you do if you found out you flunked school?
  23. If your girlfriend or boyfriend broke up with you at school, what would you do?
  24. If you had the power to fire one teacher, who would it be?
  25. Basketball, baseball, or football?
  26. What was your first job?
  27. If you don’t have one yet, where would you want to work?
  28. How many hours would you spend online if you didn’t have school or homework?
  29. How tall do you want to be?
  30. What’s your biggest fear about college?
  31. What are you most excited about?
  32. Would you want your best friend to go to the same college as you?
  33. Would you want your current boyfriend or girlfriend to go to the same college as you?
  34. Who do you think is the hottest celebrity?
  35. What’s your dream job?

Cringe Truth or Dare Questions To Ask Your Friends

200+ Mortifying Truth or Dare Questions For Girls and Boys in 2021
  1. Have you ever walked in on your parents doing it?
  2. Have you ever tasted a booger?
  3. Have you ever peed in the pool?
  4. Have you ever farted in an elevator?
  5. What is your guilty pleasure?
  6. Do you ever talk to yourself in the mirror?
  7. Who do you like the least in this room, and why?
  8. Who is the least sexiest person in this room?
  9. What color underwear are you wearing right now?
  10. Have you ever farted and then blamed someone else?
  11. What is your biggest pet peeve?
  12. If someone offered you $1 million to break up with your girlfriend/boyfriend, would you do it?
  13. What is the most childish thing that you still do?
  14. Would you have voted for or against Trump?
  15. What “as seen on TV” product do you secretly want to buy?
  16. Do you lick your plate?
  17. Who is the hottest: Hagrid, Dumbledore, or Dobby?
  18. Who do you hate the most?

Dare For Girls and Boys in Truth or Date

  1. See how many grapes you can stuff in your mouth.
  2. Hiccup in between each word.
  3. Burp the alphabet.
  4. Go next door with a measuring cup and ask for a cup of sugar.
  5. Make out with your hand.
  6. Let someone else style your hair and keep it that way for the rest of the day.
  7. Use a brush like you’re talking into a microphone each time you speak.
  8. Color one of your front teeth black. (Eyeliner works!)
  9. Pick your friend’s nose.
  10. Fake cry.
  11. Eat a spoonful of mustard.
  12. Lift up the couch cushions, and if there is anything under them, you need to put it in your mouth for 10 seconds.
  13. Spin around 10 times and try to walk straight.
  14. Eat a raw egg.
  15. Let the group choose three random things from the refrigerator and mix them together. Then you have to eat the mixture.
  16. Stand up and do jumping jacks until your next turn.
  17. Rub your armpits and then smell your fingers.
  18. Let the group choose an item for you to brush your teeth with.
  19. Draw on your face with permanent marker.
  20. Dip your sock-covered feet in the toilet, and don’t dry them off for the rest of the game.
  21. Stick a Hot Cheeto in your nose, and leave it there for five minutes.
  22. Open your front door and howl like a wolf for 30 seconds.
  23. Let the person to your right put duct tape on any part of your body they choose and rip it off.
  24. Put a bunch of honey on your nose and coat it with flour.
  25. Until the next round, talk super loud, like nobody can hear you.
  26. Call your crush.
  27. Take a shot of pickle juice.
  28. Talk to a pillow like it’s your crush.
  29. Pretend you’re a bird and eat cereal off the floor using only your mouth.
  30. Dig through the trash and name everything you find.
  31. Take an embarrassing selfie and post it as your profile picture.
  32. Remove your socks with your teeth.
  33. Write your name on the floor with your tongue.
  34. Make repulsive sounds while eating and drinking.
  35. Cross your eyes when talking.
  36. Talk without closing your mouth.
  37. Act like an animal of the group’s choosing.
  38. Get into a debate with a wall.
  39. Squirt your face with a squirt gun continuously while talking.

Wrapping Up

All the questions are funny, different, and interactive. Have fun playing Truth or Dare with your friends. Do let us know in the comment section how much fun you had using these Truth or Dare Questions. Stay connected for more such content.

Have a great and amazing day!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the truth or dare questions for boyfriend?

The truth or dare questions for boyfriend are-
1. What’s the scariest thing you’ve ever done?
2. What’s your biggest regret?
3. What’s the most childish thing you’ve ever done?
4. What’s a bad habit you have?
5. What’s one thing on your bucket list?
6. What’s one thing you would do if you woke up tomorrow as the opposite sex?
7. Boxers or briefs?
8. Would you go to a nude beach?

What are some flirty truth questions?

Some flirty truth questions are-
1. Do you sleep without your clothes? 
2. Have you ever cried because of me? 
3. Who here are you most jealous of?
4. Do you secretly enjoy getting dominated in bed? 
5. Who is the one person you most regret kissing?
6. Have you ever seen me nude in a 7. dream? Describe what we did, word by word.  
7. Have you ever had an exciting dream about me?
8. What’s the biggest turn-on to you while making out with someone?   
9. If I looked in your nightstand/under your bed, what would I find?
10. Have you ever had sexual fantasies about me?
11. Do you love me? How much?

What is a dare question in a relationship?

The dare questions to ask in a relationship are-
1. Wear your clothes inside out for the rest of the game.
2. Talk only by whispering for the next 10 minutes.
3. Speak 5 sentences in any language other than English.
4. Eat a teaspoon of cinnamon powder very slowly.
5. Walk up to a stranger and ask them on a date.
6. Wear make-up (man) or draw a mustache (woman) on your face for the rest of the game.
7. Act and dance like a monkey to your favorite song.
8. Read a page of a book in a romantic style.
9. Take a dollop of toothpaste and wash your hands with it.
10. Say something mean to the person sitting next to you.
11. Hold the ice cube between your teeth until it melts completely.
12. Dip a cookie in soya sauce and eat it.


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