15 Best Travel Movies to Inspire your Bucket List in 2021

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Smriti Razdan
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How many times have you imagined yourself traveling alone? A bunch of million times, Right! It’s not just a dream, it’s a life-changing experience that no one would ever want to deny. Keeping that in mind we have brought you the best travel movies that will surely inspire your bucket list

Many a time in our life when we get stuck in relationships, work, family, there is this constant feeling of leaving everything behind and start a new life. Well, that option is not practical for most of us, but we can escape from all the mess. We can watch movies for getting the feel of traveling and living alone.

After watching these movies you might not want to sit inside the same walls ever again. Rather you would want to pack your bags and get out there for exploring the world. Here is the list of 15 Travel Movies that Inspire Wanderlust in you

  1. Eat, Pray, Love (2010)
  2. Under the Tuscan Sun (2003)
  3. Midnight in Paris (2011)
  4. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013)
  5. Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2008)
  6. Wild (2014)
  7. Lord of the Rings
  8. Before Sunrise Trilogy
  9. The Bucket List (2007)
  10. Into the Wild (2007)
  11. Lawrence of Arabia
  12. French Kiss
  13. Life of Pi
  14. Brokedown Palace
  15. The Endless Summer

These were just the names of the movies. How can you watch any of these without reading about their IMDb ratings, their plot, and more? Duh! 

15 Must Watch Travel Movies for Bucket List

All the movies have been written in this list after considering all the critical reviews and ratings, you can choose anyone for your weekend watch.

1. Eat, Pray, Love (2010)

Eat, Pray, Love:  Best Travel Movies That will inspire your bucket list
Source: www.fuste.pt

If you are a woman, you should watch it. Doesn’t matter if you are dating or not, if you are married or not, just watch Eat, Pray, Love. It is the story of a woman, who decides to take charge of her life. She is living in an unhappy marriage and decides that this is not how she wants her life to be.

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So, there’s divorce and its side effects on the woman. Then she decides she will go on a world journey to find her missing pieces. Although the movie was reviewed critically, it was a major financial success as it grossed over $204.6 million on a budget of $60 million. It is a must-watch, and one of the best travel movies ever made.

IMDb- 5.8 

2. Under the Tuscan Sun (2003)

Under the Tuscan Sun: Best Travel Movies That will inspire your bucket list
Source: Amazon.com

Under the Tuscan Sun is a travel movie based on a book with the same name. The protagonist, Frances Mayes, is a married woman who is about to get divorced because her husband is cheating on her. After many such depressing incidents, she decides to go on a tour to Tuscany. She is rich, so she buys herself a villa for a fresh start.

There she meets a guy (the very cute Raoul Bova by the way), falls for him and the story goes on. The intention here is that you must watch, Under the Tuscan Sun, one of the best travel movies for your travel bucket list because of Duh! Tuscany is magically beautiful and the movie does justice in showing its beauty.

IMDb- 6.8

3. Midnight in Paris (2011)

Midnight In Paris: Best Travel Movies That will inspire your bucket list
Source: Butler’s Cinema Scene

Midnight in Paris will make you want to believe in time travel, for sure. It is a superb movie starring Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams, who are engaged together. But Rachael McAdams’ character is of a nasty and terrible lady.

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The male lead is tired of her and every day at midnight catches a taxicab to get away from his fiancee, finds himself in the 1920s. He is amazed by this experience and visits the 11920s again and again. This film is put on the list of best travel movies for a reason, and you should watch it right away.

IMDB- 7.7

4. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013)

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is an outstanding movie, especially when seen from a traveler’s perspective. A man who is about to lose his job, is fed up with it, decides to have an adventurous journey. This is the most extraordinary thing that he has ever done in his entire life. He goes on a world journey of discovering him and beyond.

This travel movie surely takes you with him on that journey and you suddenly find yourself wanting to have an experience similar to it. One of the best travel movies indeed, it also has great responses from critics.

IMDb- 7.3

5. Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2008)

Vicky Cristina Barcelona: Best Travel Movies That will inspire your bucket list
Source: Wallpaper Vista

Barcelona is more pleasing than we know about it. In this travel movie, Vicky and Cristina are two friends who are spending their summer in Barcelona. Both of them like a painter guy Juan Antonio, and the surprising part is, he also is attracted to both of the girls.

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All of this is happening while he is still already in love with his ex-wife, who is as crazy and unstable as you can imagine. Sounds Weird! But this movie is really funny giving some travel goals for sure.

IMDb- 7.1

6. Wild (2014)

Wild: Best Travel Movies That will inspire your bucket list
Source: Road to VR

An amazing story of a woman who is a drug addict who gets a depressing divorce. Divorce is not the only depressing thing in her life, she hasn’t recovered from her mother’s death and her abortion.

To make an effort to redeem herself she goes on to hike 1100 miles for healing and finding hope in life. It is among the best travel movies because it is not only a travel movie but also a motivating one.


7. The Lord of the Rings

Lord Of The Rings: Best Travel Movies That will inspire your bucket list
Source: Wallpaper Cave

The Lord Of the Rings, the epic, blockbuster fantasy-adventure movie covering the ‘middle-earth’, is one of the legendary movies of all time.  If there was an option that I can go in the ‘middle-earth’ and never come back, I would gladly take it.

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Besides the super awesome cinematography of the movie and the monster stuff, there are sceneries in the movie that will blow your mind off. You luckily can find ‘middle earth’, in New Zealand where the shooting has been done, and live like a drama-free hobbit there.  Indeed The Lord Of the Rings deserves to be included in the list of best travel movies of all time.


8. Before Sunrise Trilogy(1995)

Before Trilogy: Best Travel Movies That will inspire your bucket list
Source: Christie Pits Film Festival

Oh! Jesse and Celine have my heart! 
The Before Sunrise is the greatest romantic and travel movie of all time. All three triologies surely have given some major romantic goals to numerous people, including myself.

The journey of two strangers in Europe and just talking and talking. They get to know each other, that too so organically is beyond anyone’s expectation of a partner. The movie has the best shots of Europe covered and that too in a way no one is ever going to forget. The reason Before Trilogy is included in this best travel movies list is because of its mind-blowing cinematography and romanticism of beautiful places in Europe.

IMDb- 8.1

9. The Bucket List (2007)

The Bucket List: Best Travel Movies That will inspire your bucket list
Source: Amazon.com

Ever made a list of things to do before I die? If you haven’t, then watch The Bucket List. This travel movie showcases the lives of two old men who are suffering from terminal diseases, escape from the hospital ward together and go on a road trip.

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They make their lists of things to do before they die, thinking they are to die anyway, why not have some adventures before you go.

IMDb- 7.4 

10. Into the Wild (2007)

Into the Wild: Best Travel Movies That will inspire your bucket list
Source: SBS

Into the Wild is a travel-based story of a man who was a very smart guy, graduated, and abandoned all of his possessions. He gives all of his savings to charity and went hiking in Alaska.

The travel movie narrates the experiences he had, and how they shaped his life for the long run. The movie impressed audiences over the world and proved to be a major hit.

IMDb- 8.1

11. Lawrence of Arabia (1962)

The movie Lawrence of Arabia is about a British officer who travels in Arab. It is the true story of T.E. Lawrence. He single-handedly united all the diverse tribes of Arab during World War I.

He did so to fight against the Turks. The journey shows stunning views from Arab and its scenic beauty. If you are a fan of Golden Deserts then this movie is the perfect watch for your travel bucket list.

IMDb- 8.3

12. French Kiss (1995)

Imagine you have found the love of your life, you are engaged to each other and everything in your life seems perfect. Suddenly your man goes to France for business and calls you just to inform you that he has found another girl, fell in love with her, has even proposed to her and they are going to get married soon. You will be crushed, Right?

This is the same story as the movie French Kiss but it gets a lot more interesting than that. Isn’t it obvious! France always adds something to a story, and in this movie, it is a mess. The girl is smitten to another guy who is super charming but also a crook who uses her for smuggling. The movie takes some interesting turn of events and is overall a romantic comedy.

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IMDb- 6.6

13. Life of Pi (2012)

Life of Pi is a life-changing movie for anyone who watches it once. The movie showcases the survival of a young man after his whole family is lost and most probably died of a sea storm. All that is left with him, is a boat, with a tiger. What would that be like!

The Indian boy keeps on trying to get ashore but the ocean fails him every day. Between his struggle to keep himself and the very wild Bengal Tiger alive, he manages to cling to hope and the movie ends on with them reaching ashore. 

IMDb- 7.9

14. Brokedown Palace (1999)

Brokedown Palace is an intense dramatical movie about two best friend girls who after completing High School go to Thailand. OoLaLa!  Until this, you can imagine them having fun on Thailand beaches and getting drunk but NO. They meet a guy which, unknown to them, is a drug smuggler.

Fast forward, they get caught in the airport with heroin in their bags and are imprisoned for 33 years. The next scenes are pretty intense for your travel goals but Come On! What is more chill than Bangkok? Nothing! 

IMDb- 6.5

15. The Endless Summer (1965)

The Endless Summer is a documentary movie about two surfers who travel the world for finding that perfect wave for their surfing. It surely is inspirational for people who love surfing or who love beaches. The movie talks about their life experiences and the people they have met on their journey of finding the perfect wave. 

IMDb- 7.7

Wrapping Up

Traveling might be a dream for you, a little impossible dream sometimes. Especially in a pandemic, everyone needs to watch a travel movie that will make them escape from the reality for a while. We hope these travel movies helped you get a picture of what your travel bucket list must have. Reach out to us by commenting below your bucket list movie. Cheerio! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are some of the best travel movies on Netflix?

City of God
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The Aeronauts
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The Peanut Butter Falcon
Crazy Rich Asians
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