1337x Proxy List 2022 | Verified 1337x Mirror Sites & Alternatives

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Torrent sites are profuse sources of anything and everything that can be downloaded from the web. Torrent sites are also the most targeted sites by ISPs and law enforcement for infringement of licenses. One of the most famous torrent sites is 1337x. It has also suffered its share of geo-blocking uncountable times. We have created a 1337x proxy list to help you access the same 1337x and download content for free.

You can find a number of 1337x proxy lists on the web. Some of those lists are genuine but most of them are baits. We will share a 1337x proxy list that we have compiled after using every site one by one. Even if a 1337x proxy site is not working, you can get access with a VPN service.

Torrent sites are still the most sought-after sites by internet users for downloading files that cannot be found anywhere else on the internet. In this article, if you hang on till the end, you will also get a list of 1337x mirror sites and 1337x alternatives. You can download movies, TV shows, albums, and software from these sites in 1337x proxy list 2022.

1337x Proxy List 2022 [100% Working 1337x Proxy Sites]

These are only 100% working 1337x proxy sites that I am going to mention below. If you find any of the links below not working, you can download VPN and you should be ready to roll. 

The most coveted 1337x proxy list
1337x Proxy Website 1
1337x Proxy Website 2
1337x Proxy Website 3
1337x Proxy Website 4
1337x Proxy Website 5
1337x Proxy Website 6
1337x Proxy Website 7
1337x Proxy Website 8
1337x Proxy Website 9

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How Do Proxy Sites Work?

1337x Proxy list

If you are going to use a 1337x proxy site for the first time, you need to understand how proxy sites work. Torrent sites like 1337x and Pirate Bay cannot be accessed by users directly because of copyright issues with the content they provide for free. Therefore many proxy sites have emerged. A proxy site acts as an intermediate server between the user and the main site. The transfer of data between the user and the site he is about to use happens without revealing the IP address of the user. This makes browsing safe and anonymous. 

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1337x Mirror Sites 2022 [100% Working 1337x Mirror Sites]

1337x Proxy Sites

Along with the sites in the 1337x proxy list, save these mirror links too. We have handpicked these 1337x mirror sires so that you can access 1337x even if it is geo-blocked in your country.

The Best 1337x Mirror Sites
1337x Mirror 1
1337x Mirror 2
1337x Mirror 3
1337x Mirror 4
1337x Mirror 5
1337x Mirror 6

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5 Best 1337x Alternatives for 2022

There are a number of 1337x alternatives that are equally good. If you want to download anything from movies to discographies, these torrent sites can come in handy. All you need to do is click on the links that we have curated for you and search in their respective search boxes. On the other hand, on some days, the earlier-mentioned 1337x proxy and mirror sites might not work, and we don’t want you to miss out on these cool 1337x alternatives only because you didn’t ask for them.

1. Kickass Torrents | Popular 1337x Alternative

1337x Proxy list

“Kickass Torrentz” is a popular name amongst torrent users. It is known for its consistency, although it gets blocked at least once every year in countries like USA and Australia. In case you wanted a reliable torrent service, you can avail it on Kickass Torrents.

Visit Kickass Torrents

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2. Pirate Bay | Best 1337x Alternative 

1337x Proxy list

Pirate Bay is one of the oldest torrent services out there. Pirate Bay is an index of entertainment media and software serving free downloaders since 2003. Here you can download anything that is available in the peer-to-peer network ranging from movies to music to professional software.

Visit Pirate Bay

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3. Extra Torrent | Best to Use When 1337x isn’t Working

1337x Proxy list

If 1337x is not working, look no further and run to Extra Torrent. It is the world’s biggest BitTorrent system in the world. Its ease of access and collection will surprise you. On the home page itself, you’ll find the latest movies, most popular torrents, and news articles. Search your searches, and I bet you’ll be amazed!

Visit Extra Torrent

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4. RARBG | Best 1337x Torrent 2022

1337x Proxy list

If you look for the best torrent site of 2022, most of the articles and forums will tell you that it is Rarbg. Won’t lie, they are not wrong. The torrent system works on peer-to-peer technology. This technology depends on seeders and leechers. The torrents available in Rarbg are rich in seeders and leechers. That is one of the many reasons Rarbg happens to be a popular torrent in 2022 still.


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5. YIFY | Best 1337x Torrent for Movies

1337x Proxy list

If you watch downloaded movies, YIFY should not be alien to you. It is that popular and good! If your goal is a movie, you should not waste time on other sites. On YIFY or yts.mx you can also stream full movies for free and watch trailers of movies before you decide to download them.

Visit YIFY

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Wrapping Up

We only intend to make your life easier and keep your browsing safe. Proxy sites are life-savers. They give you access to places you want to go without being noticed. I know you will thank us for this holistic 1337x proxy list.


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