10,000 expected to attend Satmar wedding in New York despite coronavirus

An estimated 10,000 people are expected to gather together in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York, on Monday to celebrate the wedding of the grandchild of the Satmar hassidic dynasty’s grand rabbi, local CBS-affiliate WBCS reported Saturday.The wedding of the the grandchild of Satmar Grand Rabbi Zalman Leib Teitlebaum get married is set to draw guests from both Williamsburg and Rockland County, raising fears of a potential further spread of coronavirus in the area, according to WCBS.New York has seen a renewed spike in coronavirus cases, particularly in a few notable hot spots, such as in some ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods, and while the wedding is not in one of these hot spots, worries still persist.According to WCBS, the city’s sheriff’s department has ordered the wedding be canceled or postponed, should it not be limited to just 50 people. However, the number of attendees who arrive as well whether it will require a large contingent of police officers.Worries of a new spike in cases are particularly strong following a gathering last Sunday in the heavily hassdic town of New Square in Rockland County, where thousands went without abiding by social distancing measures or mask rules, WCBS reported. This gathering could have been the cause of new infection rates, according to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, noting that the Rockland County red zones, such as New Square, have seen further spikes in positive test results.“Some of the complexity of the enforcement here, especially with members of the Orthodox community, [is that] they never comply with the rules,” Cuomo said.

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