10 Perfect Gifts for Outdoorsy Women: Your Ultimate Gift Guide

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10 Perfect Gifts for Outdoorsy Women: Your Ultimate Gift Guide
Smriti Razdan
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Do you know a woman who would prefer stars rather than night lamps? They are special right! If you are confused about what to gift to an adventurous woman, we have got you. Just read this article on perfect gifts for Outdoorsy Women.

Outdoorsy women are unlike most people we know. They are crazy about adventures and let’s admit, not everyone can be like them. When it comes to gifting these ladies, don’t just think about jewelry. I am not saying they might not like jewelry, but you surely need to think out of the box. After all, they are not conventional women, so why not think something extraordinary for them?

25 Best Gifts for Outdoorsy Women 

  1. Mini Satellite Communicator
  2. Bendy Phone Tripod
  3. Basewear and Track Pants
  4. Boots and Shoes
  5. Wild- A book by Cheryl Strayed
  6. Portable JBL Speaker
  7. Women’s trekking poles
  8. Thermal Blankets
  9. Waterproof Dry Bag 
  10. Backpacking Hammock

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25 Extraordinary Gifts for Outdoorsy Women

1. Mini Satellite Communicator

Garmin Satellite Communicator: Best Gifts for Outdoorsy Women
Source: Adventure Journal

Mini Satellite Communicator is a handy device that fits right into your palm. 

They communicate through satellite networks to locate the position. It is a very caring gift you would want to give to an outdoorsy woman. You can even text, or send an SOS emergency message with this. So you should definitely consider gifting this one from the list of gifts for outdoorsy women.

2. Bendy Phone Tripod

Girl with tripod: Best Gifts for Outdoorsy Women
Source: iStock

What kind of a Doofus would not want this? Not everyone can carry a DSLR wherever they go.

A phone tripod will be very helpful not just for trekking but also for any other local adventure. You can click pictures, make reels on Instagram with such ease. It’s a must-have in your trekking backpacks as well. So choose this one from the list of best gifts for outdoorsy women.  

3. Basewear and Track Pants

Girl wearing Sports Wear: Best Gifts for Outdoorsy Women
Source: Betts Fit

Good clothing is always appreciated, especially when it gives comfort and makes you wanna go out and wander. Basewear is absolutely loved among women, cause they are super comfy. To be true they can make any girl look hot as hell. If you are confused about what to gift among clothing, you should definitely go for Basewear and Trackpants from our list of gifts for outdoorsy women.

4. Boots and Shoes

Shoes: Best Gifts for Outdoorsy Women
Source: snmg.co.in

If your woman is truly outdoorsy, that means she loves her boots. There’s no doubt about it. A pair of strong hiking boots will never go unnoticed. That’s alright if you didn’t know it up until now. Just make sure to choose good ones that fit the woman you want to gift them to. 

5. Wild- A book by Cheryl Strayed

Wild Book by Cheryl Strayed: Best Gifts for Outdoorsy Women
Source: Amazon UK

Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail, is a book written by Cheryl Strayed about her life and how she fought her battles with life. The book is hugely popular among trekking lovers and I’m sure any outdoorsy girl would love to read it. This one of our best gifts for outdoorsy women is a book, you see Books are special. If that’s about trekking and life battles, which girl would not relate to that?

6. Portable JBL Speaker

JBL Speakers: Best Gifts for Outdoorsy Women
Source: Lifewire

Ahh! Music! 

Can you imagine even traveling in a bus without music. Nah! It’s so boring. Music brings charm to everything, every place, and every journey. Doesn’t matter if you are traveling to Mount Everest or Downtown, JBL Speakers will bring life to your journey. Gift her with the best gifts for outdoorsy women. 

7. Women’s Trekking Poles

Women's Trekking Poles: Best Gifts for Outdoorsy Women
Source: D

God! Can you imagine trekking with no poles or heavy ones? It would be bizarre to have the wrong ones and spoil your adventure. So gift her with lightweight, women’s trekking poles, for her ease. She will surely appreciate your effort for her easiness.

8. Thermal Blankets

Thermal Blankets are a blessing for anyone going on a hike or trek at a cool place. Do you know how chilly it gets? It gets freezing AF. If I knew someone who gifted me thermal blankets, I would be truly thankful to that person, who understands how tough it is on the chilled weathered journeys.  

9. Waterproof Dry Bag 

Waterproof Backpacks: Best Gifts for Outdoorsy Women
Source: Rolling Stone

A journey without a Waterproof bag is incomplete!

The waterproof bag is one of those basic essentials anyone would require for even a small journey. You cannot miss this one. If your partner is developing an interest in adventurous activities, give their interest a boost by gifting them a waterproof bag. 

10. Backpacking Hammock

Backpack Hammocks: Best Gifts for Outdoorsy Women
Source: My Open Country

Backpacking Hammock! What a wonderful invention!

Hammocks can be used not only for trekking and hiking journeys but even on the beaches and in forest adventures too. If you and your partner have a house in the woods then I am sure a hammock would be of so much use to you guys. Make sure you gift her a backpacking hammock if you are looking for the best gifts for outdoorsy women. 

Bonus Gift Ideas for Outdoorsy Women

  1. Outdoor Quilted Blanket
  2. Battery Powered Portable Shower
  3. Kindle
  4. Crew Gas Camping Stove
  5. Handmade Jewellery
  6. Fitbit Charge 4
  7. Inflatable Paddle Board
  8. Portable Solar Panel
  9. Osprey Daypack
  10. Merino Wool Thermal Shirt
  11. Scrubba Mini Portable Bag Wash
  12. Portable Camping Table
  13. Hiking Fanny Pack
  14. Gear Aid Repair Tape
  15. Lightweight Java Coffee Drip

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you get a nature lover?

1. Multi-Stretch Bike Shorts
2. Stone-Made Cocktail Accessories
3. Cloudy Watering Devices
4. Campfire Grilling Apparatuses
5. Flexible Leaf Trappers
6. Elegant Plant Watering Stones
7. Leaf Drink Coasters

What are some good ‘just because’ gifts for her?

Thoughtful Quote Bracelet
Funny Flower Pot
Mailable Gift Box
Engraved Ice Cream Spoons
Cute Monogram Mug
Chic Initial Necklace
Beautiful Bouquet Delivery

What to get a woman who wants nothing?

Cute Planter
Bath Caddy
Safety Pin Earrings
Exfoliating Cubes
Chef Steps Joule Sous Vide

Wrapping Up

Choosing a gift for someone can be very tough, especially if you are searching for it on Google. There will be a lot of choices given, but before choosing anything think about the things she is passionate about or something that will flatter her. This was your article on best gifts for outdoorsy women. Hope you find something of her choice here. Comment down below for your suggestions. Cheerio! 

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